Why does your Spotify keep pausing

One of the greatest music streaming services available is Spotify, particularly if you like undiscovered musicians. On the other hand, repeated pauses and buffering quickly degrade music. The good news is that all of these causes—which are widespread on Spotify and have a variety of solutions—are simple to address.

Here’s what to do if Spotify keeps stopping and interrupting your listening session.      

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i) Disable Low-Power Mode

In order to save battery, all mobile devices feature a low power mode setting. Low power option often prevents background app updates, disables automated mail loading, and halts downloads. Other times, it could obstruct your Spotify stream.

Turn off Spotify’s low-power mode if you are currently listening to it. It’s as easy as hitting the battery symbol on an iPhone by sliding down from the top right corner of the screen.

Go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode to access Low Power Mode as well. This is handled somewhat differently on Android devices. Android smartphones include a feature named “Battery Saver.” Tap the Settings icon, then choose Battery Saver to get to it. A slider needs to be shown somewhere on the screen. Ensure that it is turned off.

No matter the device, whether a phone or tablet, this setting may cause Spotify to malfunction. If Spotify often stops while you are playing music, consider disabling low-power mode and checking your battery level.

ii) To Disable Data Saving Mode

When you stream via mobile networks, Spotify’s built-in data-saving mode consumes less bandwidth than usual. This setting could result in Spotify pausing and lowering playing quality.

Tap the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen, then choose Data Saver from the list to launch Data Saver mode. Ensure the slider is in the Off position.

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iii) Restart the Computer

Resetting your device is one of the simplest methods to resolve Spotify pause difficulties. Although you may restart your computer or mobile device by choosing Restart from the Start menu, it’s often preferable to totally shut down your device for at least 15 seconds first.

One of the methods that are often advised to resolve such issues, doing this would wipe all the data kept in the temporary memory. Turn your smartphone back on after 15 seconds, then retry Spotify.

iv) Update your Equipment

After an upgrade, particularly after an OS update, Spotify sometimes performs poorly. Ensure that the operating system on your mobile device is completely up to date.

To allow automatic updates is one option. Manually determining if an update is accessible right now is an additional option. On iOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update to do this. Go to Settings on Android, then click System Updates and Check for System Updates.

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v) Logging Out

Several Spotify users have mentioned that the solution to problems with frequent pauses in Spotify is to check out of their accounts on each device and then log back in.

Go to your account overview page to complete this. Navigate to this page and click the Sign Out Everywhere button at the bottom of the page. You’ll need to log into your account once again once you’ve done that.

You should be aware that because this option excludes Spotify partner devices, your PlayStation devices won’t be signed out.

vi) WIFI Connection or Disconnection

Spotify offers a variety of streaming quality options for your music. Music needs a minimum bitrate of 160 kbps and upload and download rates of 384 kbps. The following tier, at 320 kbps, demands 512 kbps for both the upload and download. For lossless streaming, you need a minimum of 2 Mbps down and 0.5 Mbps up.

vii) Install Spotify Again

Remove Spotify from your smartphone if you’ve tried these other solutions and they don’t work for you. On a computer, this entails removing the application. Your phone’s app should be deleted. Remove all traces of Spotify, then redownload it.

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viii) Look Over your Air Pods

Make sure that no settings may interfere with your experience if you are using Bluetooth headphones. For instance, if you take out your Apple Air Pods, the audio will halt. Spotify may halt if your Bluetooth device isn’t functioning correctly.

Play a few songs without the headphones first to test this, and then play them with them on. If Spotify only stops while listening via headphones, your Bluetooth device may be having issues.