What is Vlone

In 2013, a collection of multi-talented individuals, including musicians, fashion designers, rappers, and vocalists, came together on the streets of Harlem to discuss their common ideology of music and fashion. They started the street fashion company ASAP MOB and the apparel line Vlone. As soon as ASAP members wore it, it instantly gained popularity on social media.

What is Vlone?

Vlone is not only a company. The opposite is true: it is a way of life that entails “You live alone and you die alone.”

People adopt Vlone as a way of life and religion. The phrase Live Vlone and Die Vlone sums up the founders’ philosophy, a surreal way of life, and well enrichment of culture. The Vlone apparel line promotes many lives, much as A$AP MOB, which is a group of unique people.

The freestyle fancy modern style of the Harlem streets, where Rocky and Bari hail from, served as the awful inspiration for Vlone. Bari honestly claims that the company is bringing trendy freestyle Harlem fashion to new locations across the globe.

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What is Vlone Clothing?

Printed on A$AP Rocky and A$AP, the lengthy “V” Hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts by Bari have become synonymous with the company. Vlone is neither high fashion nor streetwear but a trendy chain, according to Bari’s claim. For the residents of Harlem, it is fashion.

2014 saw the debut of a music video by A$AP Rocky that propelled Vlone to fame. They had previously exclusively sold hoodies and t-shirts. They showcased additional streetwear at Paris Fashion Week in a pop-up shop that appealed to young people and rappers.

Rocky’s influence increased the market for streetwear. Additionally, Vlone opened a pop-up shop selling exclusive Vlone clothes in Los Angeles. Skaters and other cordial fans of streetwear quickly purchased the clothing on the spot.

Vlone Clothing Collaboration with Nike and Off-White

Eventually, as A$AP, Vlone moved internationally and entered the fashion design industry. For the purpose of promoting his Vlone project, Bari set off on a global tour. Pop-up shops have been established in various locations, including Texas, New Orleans, Tokyo, and others.

In early 2017, Vlone also successfully collaborated with Nike and Off-White as partnership programs. This was a crucial turning point in Vlone’s development at a large scale. The black and orange colour scheme used in the brand’s characteristic Vlone suits, tracksuits, and long-sleeve pullovers are included in the Vlone and Off-White line.

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Vlone Clothing Brand Key Mission

The A$AP MOB members claim that the apparel line’s look includes both positive and negative aspects. Ian Connor sees the good in everything.

According to Connor, the summit is a really lonely area where you must remain alone, upfront and up. Connor also looks for persons who share his interests and assists them in honing their abilities so they can support themselves.

Vlone Apparel’s Current State and Prospective

Vlone Clothing is still offered for purchase online today. A$AP MOB collaborated with the musician/rapper Pop Smoke to debut his line in February 2020 before he went away.

T-shirts, hoodies, and hoodies make up the merchandise, keeping things simple. The “V” emblem that appears on the majority of the bands merchandising represents the blunt message of their songs. A$AP MOB maintains its success while honouring Pop Smoke in this fashion.

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A$AP Bari Controversy

A$AP Bari had a significant scandal in 2017. Because of Vlone’s ideology, he was cut off from the rest of the A$AP MOB and eventually destroyed himself. 2017 saw the release of a video showing him beating a naked woman, which caused a crowd to distance themselves from him.

Later, Bari complained that he wasn’t getting the love and care he deserved. When Nike learned of the alleged incident, he turned a blind eye to it. The growth of the Vlone brand was significantly constrained by this.