what is avesay

Avesay is a shady internet retailer that advertises camping gear. Therefore, online customers face the danger of getting substandard products or nothing at all from the same retailer. Online shoppers who are dissatisfied with their purchases could get in touch with their bank or financial institution to get their transactions reversed and reimbursed.

What is a Avesay.com?

The platform trades high-end goods for a fair price. Additionally, they said that they collaborated with qualified professionals who provided high-quality products like:

  • Jacket
  • Clock
  • Laptop desk that is standing
  • Tents
  • Kettle
  • Scott Walker

Additionally, they said that their customers were pleased with their customer service. Let’s now examine the gateway in further depth.

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Website Specifications

Phone Number+1 (661) 545-7814
Shipping10 to 22 days
Social MediaNoticeably Absent
Refund Policy30 Days
Payment ModeCredit Cards, PayPal
Address1827 Ocean View Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93307, USA
Avesay.com Specifications

Pros of Avesay

  • They trade in things like watches, coats, washers, and dryers, among others.
  • Processing and shipping times are included in the delivery time.
  • Rewards offered by Avesay.com
  • They highlighted phone numbers and email addresses as well as other contact information.
  • The association’s address is provided.

Cons of Avesay

  • There are no social relationships.
  • The site has a rating of 27.1/100 and a 1% trust score.
  • Reviews that are unfavourable are being gathered for Avesay.com.
  • We were unaware that the newsletter function generated a great deal of scepticism.

Avesay is it Real?

  • Links for social media icons are absent.
  • Trust Score – Avesay.com has a trust score of 27.1/100.
  • Global Business Rank 2374976 according to Alexa.
  • Shopper’s Perspective Users are puzzled since they have reported issues with email confirmation on many different websites. Only one person, however, pointed out the page’s falsehood.
  • Only 15% of it is original, resulting in duplicate material.
  • Date of website registration – The portal was created on November 11, 2021.
  • All policies are presented, according to our research.
  • Domain End Date – The Avesay.com domain will be suspended on January 11, 2022.
  • Only 1% of Avesay reviews were discovered to have a trust score.
  • Owner’s identity – The founder’s name is not included in the records.

As a result, the site’s clues were retrieved, and they showed that the portal is suspect since users’ replies are conflicting and the majority of them are unsure whether they are being scammed or not. Therefore, thoroughly investigate the website before making a purchase.

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Customer Opinions

Following a thorough investigation, we were unable to contact any Trustpilot users for comment. Additionally, since there are no social media connections on the official webpage, evaluations are not accessible there either. However, we have several online reviews for Avesay.

The buyer has tagged the website as red after confirming that it is a fraud. In addition, several consumers complained that after placing a purchase via the site, they never received an email confirmation.

The customer further claimed that the website’s amazing goods discounts serve as the primary draw for individuals to fall for such scam sites.

Many individuals don’t find the site helpful and leave since it lacks social media connections. Please click here if you know someone who is a victim of a PayPal scam.

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We learned about the truth of a website that lists everyday requirements, including the Rollator Walker, thanks to a post on Avesay Reviews. Furthermore, we haven’t found him on any social media platforms, therefore we can’t trust him.

Avesay.com was labelled as a suspect due to the reaction from customers and its newly acquired domain. If you’ve been the victim of credit card fraud, go here.