what does shaq own

Shaq, also known as Shaquille O’Neal, has a net worth of $400 million. We’ll speak about the brands Shaq owns in this post.

Shaq rose to fame as a rapper and movie star, and his first rap album achieved platinum status. He has now put out five albums. His filmography includes roles in the movies Blue Chips, Kazaam, Steel, and Grown Ups 2.

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What does Shaq Own?

Shaq founded the Big Chicken restaurant chain in 2018, and it already has ten locations. The business also ships throughout all of America. Even Carnival Cruise Lines has partnered with him to establish Big Chicken on several of their cruise ships.

Additionally, it has 150 vehicle washes and 40 24-hour fitness centres. Shaq also owns a nightclub, a retail mall, and a movie theatre. Additionally, he is Authentic Brands Group’s second-largest individual stakeholder. Forever 21, Barneys New York, JCPenney, and Reebok are notable Authentic Brands Group subsidiaries.

Restaurant Shaquille’s

Shaquille’s, a restaurant owned by Shaq, is located in Las Vegas. Filet mignon, prawns, and chocolate cake are all on the menu.

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Largest Agency

Shaq founded a majority agency in 2021. The firm specializes in digital marketing. The company has worked with customers including Google, Verizon, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Big Chicken has the support of Shaq in addition to JRS Hospitality and Authentic Brands Group (ABG), which has assisted in the development of international chains.

Domino’s Pizza

The third-largest pizza delivery service in the country is Papa John’s. John Schnatter launched the business in 1984. Over 4,700 Papa John’s establishments exist now in different countries.

At the moment, Shaq owns 9 Papa John’s locations. Pizza The success Shaq has had with Five Guys makes him appear like an empire just waiting to happen. It’s reasonable to suppose that the number of Shaq sites will increase given the $11 million compensation plan that Papa John’s has agreed to sign.

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Krystal Kreme

Additionally, Shaq began offering franchise possibilities via the renowned doughnut brand Krispy Kreme. He already has a well-known location in Atlanta.

An American chain of coffee shops and doughnut shops, Krispy Kreme was established in 1937. Numerous varieties of donuts, along with coffee, drinks, and merchandise, are available at Krispy Kreme. More Krispy Kreme locations will open as a result of Shaq’s engagement, which will bring the total number of locations to over 1,300.

24/7 Fitness

Shaq has invested in 24-Hour Fitness, a multinational operator of health clubs. The biggest fitness centre operator in the world, 24-Hour Fitness has more than 430 facilities around the country and its headquarters are in San Ramon, California. He joined the board of directors in 2016, and in 2019 he was appointed as the company’s strategic adviser.

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Another Investment by Shaq

Two of the most well-known firms in the world are Apple and Google. So what is Shaq’s connection to them? He did invest in both firms quite early, however. In 2014, Shaq disclosed that in 2004, he put $1 million into Google and $1 million into Apple.


With its main office in San Francisco, California, with operations in 640 American cities as well as 9 Canadian ones, Lyft is an American transportation network corporation. Logan Green and John Zimmer launched the business in June 2012 with the goal of enhancing people’s lives with the greatest transportation available. In 2013, Shaq made his first investment in Lyft while it was still a start-up. He kept investing more money into the business as it expanded and achieved more success.

California Kings

The Sacramento Kings is a Sacramento, California-based American basketball franchise. The Kings are the only Sacramento-based club among the top professional sports leagues in North America. Since 2013, Shaq has had a tiny ownership stake in the Sacramento Kings. He is a member of a group that holds around 5% of the team’s ownership.

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Shaq is an excellent manager who has company management experience. It continuously innovates and enhances its brands. Shaq has the guts and tenacity to succeed in all of his endeavours. Additionally, he enjoys becoming engaged in every part of his company. He serves as a fantastic example for aspiring businesspeople.