Consumers are making an increasing percentage of their purchases online, and the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this trend. For many of us who dislike walking the streets, especially in this post-coronavirus era, online purchasing has made things easier. Online fraud has, however, increased along with the rise in online buying. There is no need to search in dept deeper for Valicci customer reviews online by yourself. Here, you can determine whether the store is reputable legit or a false scam.

Valicci Overhaul’s Online Store

Valicci is a website offering modern, elegant and premium stainless-steel jewellery and jewellery with the latest ring designs. Valicci is a modern digital online store that deals in various types of jewellery such as stylish rings, fancy chains, waist chains and bracelets. This jewellery is also offered for less rate which is far from reality.

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Website Specifications

Domain Registration DateApril 2021
Domain URL
EmailNot Available
Office LocationNot Available
Social MediaNot Available
External Customer ReviewsNot Available
Return PolicyUnknown
Social Media PresenceNot Much
Payment MethodsVisa Maestro Mastercard Available
Shipping PolicyNot Available

Pros of

These are this store’s pros:

  • Products are available for both sexes.
  • The products are also categorised by discounted prices and are suggested for everyone.
  • The website also offers SSL encryption protection and a variety of payment options.

Cons of

There are many disadvantages to this company.

  • They do not offer a return address.
  • The company does not provide contact information
  • Website missing authorized organization seal of approval.
  • Offer ridiculous discounts.
  • It does not even use original images of products.
  • It does not provide authentic information about the company accurate.
  • Finally, it does not provide links to social networks.

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Customer Reviews

Online reviews from customers who purchased items from this company claim they were charged $79 for shipping. Additionally, they had the same type of problem, “Information not available, we can’t recognize your number yet” when trying to track their shipments on the Valicci website.

The order was not what was advertised when it finally arrived. It’s basically a cheap zinc alloy chain that’s either made in China or costs between $10 and $20.

Is Valicci Overhaul Legit?

Valicci raises many questions regarding the important issues outlined above. Customers were unhappy with their purchases because they were poor-quality imitations of what they viewed on the website. Customers have vehemently criticized the company for making it impossible for them to contact them because there is no phone number listed online. In addition, did not provide a return address to customers, so it is not possible to refund them. In addition, the purpose of the email is not fulfilled because consumer emails are never answered. The website has extremely low traffic and a very low trust rating of 1%. On other platforms, website reviews are inconsistent. The address of the credit card company is listed instead of the office’s own address. The layout of the site is faulty. Social media is coping with a lack of activity and is relatively new. Overall, the website looks Scam and we never recommend it to you to do shopping.

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All gestures point to being a shady website selling jewellery. He is more difficult to trust because he has the lowest trust rate (1%). Their social media profiles are not very old and there is little activity on them. There are no products with reviews. The fact that this website has received conflicting feedback on other websites does not support its credibility. In conclusion, Valicci is unreliable and should not be bought from.