UltraViewer Review

Technical assistance scams made possible by the usage of UltraViewer are referred to as UltraViewer technical support scams. A reliable remote access programme that enables users to connect and manage systems remotely is called UltraViewer. These apps are used by con artists posing as tech help to access and manipulate the devices of their victims. It is important to note that the creators of this software are not connected to scams; instead, cybercriminals abuse these programmes for their own nefarious ends.

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What is UltraViewer?

Windows users may access their desktops remotely using UltraViewer. All you need to utilise this software is a computer with an Internet connection and the installed UltraViewer programme in order to operate the computer remotely. The cutting-edge scientific research centre Duc Fabulous Ltd. conducted the study and developed this programme. After over 10 years of continuous development and upkeep, UltraViewer is now steadily gaining popularity among the world’s many computer users.

Is it Legit or a Scam?

Both safe and legal, UltraViewer. If you’ve given fraudsters access to your computer, change your passwords immediately, and assume that all of your financial and personal information is potentially in danger. You may also need to verify with your banks, credit card companies, etc., and maybe change your account. numbers – we advise seeking guidance on what to do.

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Features of Ultraviewer

Both free and paid remote desktop solutions are available for Windows. One of the greatest programmes in this category is UltraViewer, which is totally free and may be used without any limitations.

Compared to other remote control software, UltraViewer operates in a clever and practical manner and is simpler to use. Users of UltraViewer may help or fix their partner’s computer while they sit at home, and vice versa. As a result, your advantages are not geographically restricted. It’s a win-win situation if you can service your clients’ machines fast with this solution.

How to Use Ultraviewer?

Step 1

Open the remote desktop software for Windows – UltraViewer, you will see your ID and password that you will give to your partner to access your computer.

Step 2

In case you are an operator, you ask your partner to send you the ID and Pass recorded on their UltraViewer. You then enter your partner’s ID and pass it to your Ultraviewer and click the Connect button. Your partner’s desktop window will appear and you can control them as if you were sitting in front of them.

Step 3

After a successful connection, you will continue to create requests that your partner requests.

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How do fraudsters Use Ultraviewer?

Remote application developers often use a variety of security measures to prevent software from being exploited since they are aware of the possibility. An individual utilising UltraViewer must provide their UltraViewer ID and password to the connected party in order to connect to another device.

The application generates unique passwords for each session, which the user may end at any moment, in order to avoid repeated access. To stop thieves from brute-forcing their way into those credentials, UltraViewer additionally employs a brute-force attack safeguard.

There is a function, however, that enables you to create your own passwords that remain static after the session has ended. As of the time of writing, our tests showed that the UltraViewer password may be customised by the person operating the remote device.

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What to do if I Encountered or Trusted a Tech Support Scam?

On malicious websites, tech support frauds are pushed. Visitors are forewarned about differences. These fraudulent communications often seem to be alerted from reputable organisations like Microsoft/Windows, McAfee, Norton, etc. For instance, the bogus danger warning pop-ups in the tech support scam picture above imitate Microsoft’s official website.

In order to fix fictitious problems, these frauds urge people to phone the mentioned helplines. The victim is then shown how to obtain and install the remote access software by the con artists. The fraudsters establish a connection to the victim’s device after they have the program’s ID and password. From this point on, the scam’s progression might change.