chrome keeps freezing or crashing

If you’re wondering what is Google freezing up? you’re not alone. Not only does Google Chrome freeze, but you’re losing out on the best information. Sometimes, this problem can be caused by a conflict between Google Chrome and other programs. Read on to learn about the ways to fix this problem.

1. Close Unused Tabs

If you are experiencing problems with your chrome browser, you may have too many tabs open. If you have too many tabs open, Chrome will run out of memory and freeze. To avoid this problem, close unneeded tabs and open new tabs only when necessary. If this solution does not work, try launching Task Manager and killing any background processes.

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2. Restart Chrome

Another way to fix Google Chrome that keeps freezing or crashing on Windows 10 is to open and restart chrome. If you do not see the tabs closing option then open the task manager. For this press Ctrl + Alt + Del and select task manager from the list. Open Task Manager and navigate to the Processes tab. Click on the process you want to close and then click End Process. It will shut down the process and free up memory.

3. Restart PC

To solve this issue, you must restart your PC. Restart the computer, and try to use Chrome again. In case the problem persists, you can force quit Chrome and restart it again. This will end any running processes and free system resources. Restarting the computer will also solve this issue. If none of these methods works, try the next one.

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4. Update Chrome

It is possible there is an update that was released by Google to resolve the issue. It is possible there is an update that was released by Google to resolve the issue. To check whether there is an update available or not press the three-dot menu and go to help > about google chrome. If there is any update available it will automatically install them.

5. Disable Extensions

There are a few different ways to address the problem when your browser is crashing or freezing, but one of the most common is to disable all extensions. For this type chrome://extensions in the google address bar and press enter. After that disable all the extensions and restart chrome.

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6. Disabling Hardware Acceleration

If none of the methods listed above work, try disabling hardware acceleration. Using hardware acceleration allows your computer’s GPU to take on graphics-intensive tasks. Using your computer to its maximum capacity will cause Chrome to freeze or crash, so it’s a good idea to disable it. For this tap on the three-dot menu > Setting > Advanced > Under System > Find ‘Use Hardware Acceleration When Available’ option > Disable and restart Chrome.

7. Scan the PC by Using Antivirus

Trying to fix your Chrome keeps freezing or crashing on Windows 10 is not as difficult as you may think. Try running a scan with your antivirus to find out whether the problem is caused by malware or not.

8. Reinstall Google Chrome

Another way to resolve this issue is to reinstall Google Chrome. For this type Apps & Features are in the windows search bar. Press enter and select Google Chrome App and uninstall it.

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Experiencing Specific Page Loading Issues

If you are experiencing specific page loading issues, try opening an incognito window and browsing through that. These windows will not save any of your browsing information, so you may want to use them for sites that aren’t loading properly.