Top 5 Best Weight Distribution Hitches in 2022

Top 5 Best Weight Distribution Hitches in 2022

Top 5 Best Weight Distribution Hitches in 2022

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Let’s start by defining what a weight-distribution hitch is, and how they differ from one another. There are some great examples of each in this article, so you can determine which one works best for your needs.

What is a Weight Distribution Hitch?

A weight distribution hitch helps distribute the weight evenly across the vehicle to prevent swaying and bouncing.

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When setting up a weight-distribution hitch, there are several different options. These include Equal-i-zer, Reese, Andersen, and Fastway, to name a few. But which one is right for your needs? Read on for more information.

Equal-i-zer Sway Control Hitch

The Equal-i-zer Sway Control Hitch is two-in-one weight distribution and sways control hitch that limits side to side movement of the trailer. The kit includes everything except the hitch ball. It allows you to choose the weight distribution option that works best for your vehicle. This hitch is also designed to withstand high-speed jerks. You can choose from either type of Equal-i-zer hitch depending on the style of trailer you have.

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The Equal-i-zer weight distribution hitch comes with a couple of disadvantages. To properly connect the trailer to the tow vehicle, you will need to raise both the trailer and the tow vehicle. While a tongue jack can raise the combination, it is not high enough. To solve this problem, you can use a snap lever. When you attach the snap lever, you can manhandle the arms onto the brackets.

Reese 66130 Weight Distribution Hitch

If you’re looking to tow a heavy trailer, the Reese 66130 weight distribution hitch is the right choice for you. This hitch utilizes several different technologies to distribute weight evenly between the tow vehicle’s rear wheels. It’s available for trailers up to 15,000 lbs. And because it’s designed to distribute weight equally, it stabilizes even the heaviest trailers.

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Reese has been at the forefront of trailering equipment research for many years and helped develop standards that are used by the US Department of Transportation and the State of New York. Their unique Weight Distribution System distributes the trailer’s weight across its axles, reducing stress on the tow vehicle and improving steering control. Reese’s weight distribution hitch systems are easy to install and adjust and have a limited lifetime warranty.

Andersen Weight Distribution Hitch

Andersen weight distribution hitch is also known as No-Sway, No-Bounce Weight Distribution Hitch. It is the simplest and quietest weight distribution hitch on the market. Its Motion Dampening design and self-adjusting sway Control help it be the quietest and safest weight distribution hitch available. No-Sway, No-Bounce Weight Distribution Hitch is silent when attached to a trailer, van, or truck.

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Compared to round or trunnion style hitches, Andersen’s weight distribution hitch features chains instead of spring bars. This design prevents excessive sway and bouncing and also has a damper built into the hitch head. It’s nearly silent when attached to a trailer. It’s also made with corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy, so it’s a durable choice for heavy-duty towing.

Fastway Weight Distribution Hitch

The Fastway Weight Distribution Hitch is a basic, entry-level hitch that is easy to install and use for most users. Its main drawback is its noisy operation, but it is an excellent choice for light-duty trailers. Moreover, it comes with a limited warranty. You can check out customer reviews for this hitch before you purchase one. We’ve listed a few of the main advantages of this hitch below.

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The weight distribution hitch keeps the tongue weight at a safe level. Ideally, you should use 10 to 15 per cent of the load on your trailer’s tongue. This will lessen the risk of losing control of your trailer. Too little weight in the tongue can cause the trailer to sway uncontrollably and too much weight can cause the front end to dive. This can cause the driver to lose control. Hence, the fast way weight distribution hitch is the most effective way to keep the load balanced and minimize the risk of accidents.

Equal-i-zer Trunnion Bar Weight Distribution Hitch

An Equalizer trunnions bar weight distribution hitch provides a trunnion bar for the weight distribution of your trailer. Equal-i-zer weight distribution hitches are available in different sizes and tongue weights to meet the needs of various trailers. The Equal-i-zer trunnion bar is ideal for nearly all bumper-pull trailers. You can even use it with a hydraulic surge brake trailer. The Equal-i-zer trunnion bar includes the hitch ball to keep the trailer level.

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The Equal-i-zer trunnions come with shanks designed for a 2″ receiver opening. While the Equal-i-zer trunnion bar for weight distribution hitch fits two-inch receivers, it will not work with a 2.5-inch receiver. To make sure that you’re choosing the correct shank for your vehicle, use the Equal-i-zer weight distribution hitch calculator. Read More

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