The ThinkGeek Website Has Been Acquired by GameStop

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The ThinkGeek Website Has Been Acquired by GameStop

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Before GameStop bought the ThinkGeek website, it was a niche site with a small number of items available for geek culture fans. Until recently, finding geeky merchandise online was not easy. While I do not regret making the purchase, I do recommend shopping at other websites instead. I’ve listed below some tips to help you find what you’re looking for. But remember to check the dates before ordering. The ThinkGeek website may have a few unexpected delays.

ThinkGeek is an E-Commerce Site that Sells Geek Culture Merchandise

While most people may associate ThinkGeek with the movie franchise, the company was actually founded by two entrepreneurs. Nathan Fillion and Michael Cera, who starred in the television show “Grey’s Anatomy,” are two prominent geeks. Nathan Fillion has a massive following on Twitter, and his approval of ThinkGeek’s hat has flooded the site. Though it’s still an uphill battle to balance fan culture with profits, ThinkGeek has managed to achieve both. Listed below are some of the top geek merchandise items to buy online.

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After a successful run selling geek-related merchandise for over two decades, ThinkGeek decided to merge its operations with its parent company, GameStop. Though there was some outrage among customers, the website still has a thriving fan base and is available in select GameStop and ThinkGeek stores. Regardless, there’s no reason not to shop at ThinkGeek.

It was Acquired by GameStop

Hot Topics, the company behind the popular ThinkGeek website, has been bought by GameStop. The acquisition is expected to add $100 million in net sales to GameStop’s total and further expand the store’s line of video game-themed merchandise. The company expects the acquisition to improve operating earnings and revenue by 20%. It has not revealed how much money ThinkGeek will receive in the deal.

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GameStop has already acquired ThinkGeek’s parent company, Geeknet, for $18 million. The acquisition comes at a time when both companies are heavily invested in game-related merchandise and retro game swag. The company is hoping that the acquisition will bring its playful whimsy to other stores. However, the question is, will ThinkGeek survive GameStop? And if the site stays on, what will happen to its legacy products?

It was a Niche Site

If ThinkGeek were a movie, it would sell Star Wars and other geek-related merchandise. They also marketed their merchandise to the open-source software community, known for their coding puns and geeky aesthetic. ThinkGeek recently sent a care package to the Slashdot website, founded by Rob Malda, chief strategy officer at Trove. Rob gave the business a shout-out, which in turn resulted in a significant spike in sales.

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While ThinkGeek did have the chance to compete in other niches, it was unlikely to survive on its own. Its biggest competitors were a custom merchandising company, Drop, and TeeSpring, all of which sell products geared towards geeks. While ThinkGeek may have been a niche website, it was a great business for its founders, and they remained profitable by catering to their niche.

It was Hard to Find

The ThinkGeek website is an online retail site that sells all types of geeky items, from spy cameras to anti-surveillance systems. This company was founded in 1942, but became a household name in the early 2000s, selling obscure pop culture items, like Han Solo Carbonite rugs. However, it has recently announced that it is shutting down its operations. Many of its stores have since closed their doors.

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Though ThinkGeek was one of the most popular websites for geeks, many people have found alternatives to its service. For those who don’t want to browse through hundreds of items in a store, there is, which is comparable to Amazon and eBay. Wish is known for its diverse selection of items, and many people have discovered it as a one-stop shop for geeky products. The website’s mission is to make geeky items available to the public at affordable prices.

It was a Collective Platform

If you are a fan of video games and comic books, you probably already know about ThinkGeek. The company sells a wide variety of geeky items that anyone can appreciate, from a Game Boy carry-on spinner to R2-D2 pizza slicers and Pikachu suspenders. Its stores even feature a unique 1,200-square-foot store within a store, which is likely to appeal to fans of the series and film.

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The company began as a side project of one of the founders of GameStop, an e-commerce site that sold merchandise for geek culture. Though it was a small side project, ThinkGeek soon grew to a national chain of stores, with stores in Orlando, West Nyack, and Hurst, Texas, and plans to open up another 25 U.S. locations before the end of the year. The company has grown to become an icon in the rapidly-growing geek community. A recent episode of Slashdot gave the company a shout-out, making it the world’s largest geek news site.

It had an Affiliate Program

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