Pappy Van Poodle

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From the Nintendo 3DS video game, Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball comes Pappy Van Poodle. When the player isn’t haggling with Rusty Slugger, it only shows up. He is an old mentor of Rusty’s who has a reputation for supporting the business owner in trying times.

Who is Pappy Van Poodle?

Real Deal Rusty 2014 saw the exclusive release of Baseball as a free-to-play game on the Nintendo 3DS. Although the game could be downloaded for free, in order to advance through the tale, users had to spend real money on mini-games. Players have to purchase minigames from the game’s primary character, Rusty Slugger. There was a catch, however. Rusty would be open to negotiations.

 Pappy Van Poodle and one of Rusty’s kids will show up at Rusty’s sports store to sell you minigames if you decide to always pay Rusty full price rather than bartering. Naturally, only a few players have ever seen Pappy Van Poodle since it is foolish to spend more money than necessary.

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Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball saw the first and last appearance of Pappy Van Poodle. In the game, Pappy Van Poodle acted as Rusty’s tutor, offering him guidance and helpful goods. Pappy Van Poodle will show up at the conclusion of the game if all games are purchased for $4.00 (full price) and you don’t provide Rusty with the stuff he needs to advance the plot (which would ordinarily be accomplished by bartering with Rusty). and give Rusty the thing you ought to have given him throughout the negotiation. Rusty also makes several references to Pappy Van Poodle throughout the game, although he only ever shows up in these particular situations.

How did Pappy Van Poodle Disappear?

Every time someone entered Pappy Van Poodle into the Google search bar prior to the introduction of Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball until 2019, they saw a “no results found” notice. Pappy seems to have been hardly unknown outside of the game, and there are no internet articles on him. As a consequence, for approximately five years, this really endearing individual lived in total obscurity.

Nick found Rusty by installing Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball again on his Nintendo 2DS XL, which essentially gave him free access to all the minigames. Nick had the opportunity to test what would happen if he consistently paid Rusty the entire amount. He thus came upon Pappy and has since restored him to the renown he so well deserves.

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For more than 90 dog years, Pappy Van Poodle has been Rusty’s mentor and companion. He is said to be Rusty’s Sluggers’ best fan and supporter, and he reportedly injured his back while cheering for the squad. He is the team’s unofficial mascot, according to Rusty. He expresses affection to Rusty and says that he thinks of him as a son. Inuz Toip, a Pappy Van Poodle, appears in the Japanese adaptation of “Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball” and has a unique wardrobe and backstory.


Due to the improbable approach needed to even run across Pappy Van Poodle in the game, he was virtually unknown on the internet. It was first brought up on a Japanese blog called (Pozukago) in 2013, just six days after Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball was made available there.

Thereafter, it was briefly brought up here and there online, but it wasn’t brought up again until YouTuber Nick Robinson uploaded a video detailing how he unintentionally discovered Pappy Van Poodle. The video may be seen here. Given the rarity of seeing Pappy, “Pappy van Poodle” had no Google results prior to Nick Robinson’s film being released.