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What is Razer Gaming?

Razer is an American lifestyle brand for gamers. The company is dedicated to creating products that improve gamers’ gaming experiences, such as gaming headsets and accessories. It also provides free digital copies of popular games, making the company an essential part of a gaming lifestyle. Read on to learn more about this gaming lifestyle brand.

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About the Razer Gaming Brand

Razer is a gaming lifestyle brand that was founded in 2005 in San Diego. The company is now comprised of hundreds of employees and focuses on creating innovative, high-quality gaming peripherals and software. It has an unmatched commitment to quality and uses cutting-edge technology. Its products are designed with the needs of gamers in mind and have received endorsements from prestigious websites. The company is actively involved in eSports, sponsoring world gaming tournaments, and recruiting players to represent the brand. The gaming lifestyle of Razer products has become one of the most popular lifestyle brands among gamers.

The company also plans to open a store in Seattle this December. The company has already opened stores in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, and Taipei. Its retail stores sell gaming hardware and clothing. The company also offers an unboxing station, which promises four simulated fights on-site. In addition, the Seattle store will offer a special collection of gaming-themed apparel. The company also plans to host four live matches inside the store.

Razer offers a full range of gaming peripherals and laptops, as well as software platforms such as Razer Synapse, Chroma RGB, and Cortex. Founded in 1996, Razer has more than 50 products on the market today. Among its products include a mouse and keyboard that are ultra-sensitive and fast. These are critical components in eSports events, which can earn tens of millions of dollars in prize money. The company continues to improve its signature gaming mouse, the Mamba Hyperflux. One of Razer’s top products, the Mamba Hyperflux, charges wirelessly on the mousepad and features advanced technology.

Recent product innovations include the Blade portable PC, a powerful portable PC that runs high-end music software as well as the newest video games. With its long list of new products, Razer has managed to expand its reach to a global audience.

Razer started as a two-man operation but has grown into a global market leader today. In 2015, Razer was named to the “Unicorn List” by Fortune Magazine, an exclusive list of private companies valued at $1 billion or more. In November 2017, the company successfully went public through an IPO. The company has invested in the peripheral world of digital music through the launch of Twitch Music. EDM and gaming have crossover appeal and Razer has used Deadmau5 as a marketing ambassador.

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Save the Trees Campaign

As a part of its sustainability campaign, Razer has a mascot to promote its sustainable products. This cartoon snake was first a doodle by a designer. It is now the face of the Save The Trees campaign. It even has its own animated series that highlights the brand’s environmental efforts. The brand has also released a line of merchandise for people interested in saving the environment. Its Cariuma Sneakers are sold with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each pair of shoes going to help save 4,000 acres of forest.

The company has already accomplished its original goal of saving one million trees. However, in recent years, it has increased its target even higher: saving 10 million trees. The Go Green initiative was created in partnership with Conservation International as part of a ten-year sustainability plan. This partnership continues to develop and expand the company’s commitment to environmental awareness.

CEO of Razer Gaming

Kheng Joo Khaw has been the Chief Operating Officer of Razer since June 2012. Before joining Razer, Kheng served as Chief Executive Officer at MediaRing Ltd., a computing and VoIP services company. Kheng began his career with Hewlett Packard as General Manager of the Handheld Computing Product Division. He has also served as a senior vice president at Celestica Canada and served on the board of numerous companies in different sectors.

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Some Achievements of Razer Company

The company’s focus on customization is evident in its recent accolades. It has won seven consecutive CES awards for its products and has earned “people’s choice” and “best gaming accessories” awards from a variety of major publications. Most notably, Razer’s gaming keyboards and mice are ranked in the top three in tests by tech publications. Its headsets have been particularly popular, as they are easier to wear in public than most gaming peripherals.

XTRA Gaming & Razer Gaming

XTRA Gaming is a popular esports lifestyle organization. The two companies are collaborating to develop branded content, social media initiatives, and player appearances. The partnership will also launch branded phone cases, mousepads, and mouse sticks. Razer is a leading gaming lifestyle brand and is one of the most successful gaming ecosystems in the world. The company also recently announced a historic partnership with Korean Fortnite player Lee Sang-hyeok commonly known as “Faker“.

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Partnership Between Tencent & Razer

Tencent, the Chinese internet giant, has partnered with Razer to make products for the gaming community that are compatible with Tencent’s Cloud service. The two companies hope to reach 124.7 million users by 2022. Razer and Tencent will leverage their advantages to enrich the gaming ecosystem. Its partnership with Tencent Cloud aims to make gaming more accessible to gamers around the world. With Tencent Cloud, Razer is a global leader in esports.

Lenovo & Razer

Lenovo is a technology leader and number one PC manufacturer. With its global innovation triangle and major research centres in China and Japan, the company is uniquely positioned to understand the gaming experience. The two companies’ combined strengths in gaming hardware, immersive connected technology, and gamer-focused expertise will create products that make the gaming experience even more interactive. They will market these co-branded products as “Razer EditionaEUR” versions of Y Series devices. This new partnership will further immerse Genshin Impact gamers in the gaming experience.

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Online Game Store

The latest addition to the Razer lineup of gaming peripherals and computers is a new online game store. Similar to other PC game marketplaces, the Razer Game Store provides users with thousands of titles from leading publishers and developers. They also offer free games, discounts on Razer gear, and various perks to make their purchases as rewarding as possible. The store also features popular titles such as Dragon Ball FighterZ, GTA V, and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. As a bonus for buying games through the Razer Game Store, gamers will also receive double zSilver rewards and a $10 coupon for peripherals.

Razer Rewards

Though the company is treading uncharted territory with this new endeavour, they have taken the necessary steps to ensure the project’s success. Their loyalty program, Razer Rewards, has over 22 million members. Gamers can redeem the rewards for digital copies of games, which they can later redeem for Razer products. Aside from free games, gamers can also earn Razer Rewards points to earn game discounts and reward currencies. The gaming store also allows gamers to earn virtual currency called zSilver. They can use this to purchase games and hardware.

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More About Razer Loyalty Program

The Razer Game Store is a great resource for gamers. It not only offers great games and peripherals but also offers a loyalty program where users can earn zSilver rewards. Those who earn zSilver can redeem their rewards for Razer gear, such as gaming accessories. The company encourages the use of this cash-based digital currency by providing exclusive discounts and incentives to its customers.

Free Digital Copy of Games

Another bonus offered by Razer is the chance for developers to get their games published on the company’s various platforms. The company recently acquired Ouya, which offers a free digital copy of its games. Developers are required to submit their games to the company for consideration. The company will publish the games on their own platforms, but this won’t necessarily be a profitable move for them. These offers are great news for both developers and gamers.