Some Effective Ways to Get Rid of Gnats

Some Effective Ways to Get Rid of Gnats

Some Effective Ways to Get Rid of Gnats

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You may have heard of chemical sprays and ammonia, but have you ever used them? Or perhaps you have a problem with these little buggers and are looking for ways to get rid of them. These ways are effective but can be messy or even harmful. Here are some effective ways to get rid of gnats. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to being gnat-free!


Using Ammonia to kill Gnats and Flies in the drain is an effective way to eliminate them. Unlike bleach, however, ammonia is not toxic to humans, so it is safer to use around children and pets. Using this solution, however, requires precautions and appropriate PPE. First, cover your ears and eyes before you start cleaning. After about 20 minutes, pour the ammonia solution into the drain and allow it to sit. Then, run hot water down the drain to clean the ammonia.

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The most common area for gnats is the bathroom, which can be a breeding ground for them. Wet shower curtains and stagnant water are great breeding grounds for gnat flies. Dirty drains are also a big contributing factor to gnat infestations, so clean your drains with a weeevery week mixture of baking soda and ammonia.


One of the cheapest and easiest ways to get rid of gnats is to use vinegar. Dish soap and vinegar mix is a great solution. The dish soap breaks down the surface tension of water so that the gnats are unable to escape. Adding fruit or sugar to the vinegar trap also attracts gnats. You can place this trap near the entry points to your home.

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Another way to get rid of gnats is to place overripe fruit nearby. By mixing one cup of vinegar with a teaspoon of sugar, you can lure fruit flies to your fruit. To make it even more effective, use red wine mixed with a little dish soap. You can also cover overripe fruit with plastic wrap and set it near gnats. The scent of the vinegar will attract the gnats, and once they land in the plastic, they will drown.

Chemical Sprays

Chemical sprays for gnat control are effective against these tiny pests. Sawyer Products Premium Insect Repellant is one such product. Its ingredient is picaridin, which inhibits the development of larvae and eggs. It is a combination of products that is pareven to control gnat problems for six to seven months. To ensure that your garden remains gnat-free for as long as possible, be sure to use a deterrent spray every two to four weeks.

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A soil drench made of hydrogen peroxide is an effective way to control fungus gnats. Mix it with four parts of water. The solution will kill gnat larvae on contact. Another soil soak that works well is neem oil. Dilute it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and apply the solution to the upper part of the plant to prevent adult gnats from settling on it.


Gnats are attracted to overwatered areas and they love to swarm in the winter. Overwatering causes the plants to become over-watered, and over-watering can lead to fungus gnats. To get rid of gnats, you must first treat the problem. This can be done in a few ways. One of these is to sprinkle potato bits on the soil. The moisture in the potatoes attracts fungus gnats. Make sure not to leave the potatoes out too long, because they are highly toxic to the gnats.

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In addition to applying sulfuric acid, you should water your plants every monthWatering on a weekly or monthly basis isn’t sufficient. It’s best to give houseplants an occasional top-watering to flush out excess salts. To help get rid of gnats from your houseplants, check the moisture level of the soil with a soil moisture meter. Only water when the soil is dry and not too wet. If you are unsure of the soil moisture level, test the topsoil of the pot or plant and remove the excess water.


Traps to get rid of Gnats come in many forms and can be used around the home. A vinegar trap is an effective way to get rid of gnats, and you can make it yourself by placing an old chunk of fruit in a paper cone with a narrow end. If you want to trap more gnats, use multiple traps in different areas. If you don’t have a vinegar trap, try placing an overripe banana in a bowl of plastic wrap and placing it somewhere in your home. The vinegar will attract the gnats, and the overripe fruit will slow them down so they can’t fly away.

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Drain flies are another common type of gnat. They live in sinks and other areas with stagnant water and can be difficult to catch with other traps. You can use bleach to get rid of drain flies. However, it’s important to wear protective gear when using this method. You should first dilute half a cup of bleach with a gallon of water and pour it down the affected drain. Read More

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