Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025

Rivian Automotive, Inc. is an American automotive technology company and electric vehicle manufacturer founded in 2009. Rivian produces an electric sport utility vehicle (SUV) and a pickup truck. In this article, we forecast Rivian stock price using the company’s technical analysis, analyst rating, historical stock price, investment and financial summary to help you analyse the stock’s future value, companies and other financial assets traded on the stock exchange in 2025.

The Current Market Capitalization of Rivian Stock Shares

A big hit on the Nasdaq at the start of the year gave Rivian shares the first hammer blow as they lost about half their value from January to August, closing the month at $57.12.

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 Low investor confidence in growth stocks, including those that have yet to report earnings, along with rising inflationary pressures weighing on material costs and the resulting fall in demand, have made companies fond of Rivian territory. hands-free for many investors.

Will Rivian be Successful in 2025? – Prediction Analysis

The company partnered with Amazon in 2021 and Ford in 2022, which will benefit the company in the long term in 2025, according to expert technical analysis, the first forecast for Riviana’s share price in 2025 will be around $190.20. 

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Amazon reported a gain of $11.5 billion in its holding between the first and second quarters. During the same period, Ford gains $7.9 billion on its investment in Rivian. Together, the two own approximately 27% of Rivian’s outstanding shares, which will increase the value of their shares in 2025.

Fiscal QuarterStock Price Prediction
1st quarter$185.35
2nd quarter$230.45
3rd quarter$188.34
4th quarter$246.45
Fig: Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025 in fiscal quarter wise

First quarter, 1st quarter: January 1 – March 31

Rivian’s 2025 share price forecast will be around $185.35 from the first quarter of January to March. Rivian Automotive provides a range of services to its customers, thereby increasing its new customers, thereby increasing the company’s revenue by adding new customers in 2025.

Second quarter, 2nd quarter: April 1 – June 30

The stock is forecast to hover around $230.45 in the April-June second quarter. According to the EV maker, production will remain in line with Rivian’s target of 25,000 per year in 2025, as indicated by expectations of meeting 4,400 cars produced in the final quarter of 2021-22. However, the 1.8% increase in sales beats analysts’ expectations of 3.3% to 5.5%, according to CNBC. So, in 2025, stock price growth will be seen all the way to the production line.

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Third quarter, 3rd quarter: July 1 – September 30

Rivian Automotive shares are expected to trade at around $188.34 in Q3 July-September 2025, a carryover from 2024. BofA’s John Murphey said Rivian is an investment that will take five to 10 years to pay back.

Fourth quarter, 4th quarter: October 1 – December 31

From the 4th quarter of October to December 2025, Rivian’s stock price forecast was expected to be around $246.45. In addition to narrowing its product offering, Rivian will raise the price of its R1T electric pickups by around 17% and its R1S SUVs by around 20%.

Overall Analysis:

At its peak, Rivian was a company worth over $150 billion. Today, the company is worth approximately $28 billion. However, he has over $16 billion in cash alone. Additionally, the company is now implementing cost-cutting measures. Rivian has just announced the dismissal of 5% of its staff in 2022. This could be portrayed both positively and negatively in 2025. The Rivian stock price prediction for 2025 is $185.35 as the first target and $230.45 as the second target. Rivian’s stock price is generally estimated to be between $188.34 and $246.45 in 2025. These price predictions are achievable because the demand for electric vehicles is increasing every day and Rivian is succeeding in contracting supply to several companies.

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Are Rivian Stocks a Good Buy? 

Whether Rivian stock is a good investment depends on your investment objectives and your assessment of the company. As of July 3, 2022, Rivian’s market capitalization was over $38 billion. However, according to some Wall Street analysts, Rivian is still considered overvalued. Tech Crunch also reports that Rivian also has a contract to produce 100,000 electric trucks for Amazon by 2024. The company also plans to sell electric trucks to other companies starting in 2023. A summary analysis of all these forecasts that Rivian stock investment will be profitable. long-term in 2025. Read More