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Review About Drake’s Album Cover

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Before Scorpion, Drake was pretty beaten. Pusha T had just beaten him in a highly publicized beef that was supposedly settled over the father’s identity. Drake had also lost his fortress and inner sanctum, which he had portrayed as impenetrable. Consequently, the album cover art for Scorpion was rather ambiguous. It was, therefore, not surprising that the rapper would choose a black and white cover for the album.

Emoji Album Art

If you love emojis, you’ll probably love the album cover of Drake’s new song, “Certified Lover Boy.” The cover art features twelve different emojis of pregnant women, each with a different colour hair and skin tone. Designed by Damien Hirst, the album’s artwork is a work of art in itself. Not only is Hirst known for his famous monochromatic canvases that feature rows of dots, but he’s also known for his sculptures of pregnant women.

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In addition to the emoji album art, the rapper’s fans have also been predicting the release date of the album. While the album had initially been slated to come out in January, fans have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. Drake fans have been speculating about its release date for a few weeks, but they’re about to get a little more than they bargained for. Despite controversy regarding the emojis used on the cover, it’s hard to ignore Drake’s new album.

Black Square

While Drake’s new album is a stale and forgettable affair, the artwork is a bit more controversial. Rather than a white background with a black square, this album cover features a series of images depicting women holding babies. The artist is well-known for his controversial work and his relationship with art collector Charles Saatchi. He’s also known for putting sharks in formaldehyde tanks and has been accused of making works that are “insensitive” and “shocking.” However, it is the cover that has got fans talking.

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Many people have speculated as to why the black square on Drake’s album cover represents virility, but Hirst has not officially confirmed its ultimate meaning. One contributor commented that the black square represented a man’s sex, while another compared it to the cover of an album by Kara Walker. Other contributors have questioned Hirst’s artwork as corny or lazy. Regardless of the underlying meaning, the Black Square is an evocative symbol of the rapper’s macho, sexual, and artistic skills.

Kanye West’s Donda

Fans have been wondering about the release date of Kanye West’s upcoming album Donda. The rapper has been keeping fans updated about the album’s progress with a series of new updates. The new cover of his upcoming album was only one of those updates. Kanye West recently apologized to Kim Kardashian for leaking private information about her personal life, and he also vowed to beat out Biden in the 2020 presidential race.

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“Donda” was released on August 29 across all digital platforms. It shot to the top of the charts from August 27 to September 2 on iTunes and other streaming services. The album explores the tripartite relationship between a person’s family, faith, and fame. The album has 27 tracks and 1h 48 minutes of music. Kanye West’s cover art has been praised by critics and fans alike.

Skudra’s Album Cover

Drake recently shared alternate versions of his album cover with fans. The alternative album covers depict different aesthetics, such as a woman holding Drake, a double-decker bus, a rose in a man’s mouth, and a campaign logo. This photo has gotten fans all over the world talking and expressing their displeasure with the original version. Drake isn’t alone in being a fan of alternate album covers.

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Initially, Skudra and Drake met on the set of ‘Marvin’s Room’. He introduced the two to each other and their careers began. He later went on to work as a digital image technician for By Any Means Necessary, Drake’s band. Skudra was also an actor and photographer from age fifteen to seventeen, appearing in minor short films and commercials. He wanted to be a photographer when he grew up. Read More

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