Real-Debrid App Authorization

One of the most frequent issues that ruin the watching experience is buffering. There may be a variety of causes for this, but you will ultimately suffer. It could be not easy to pinpoint the precise reason for the buffering. You will have to go through more steps if you do not know what is causing the issue.

ISP throttling or connections that overburden the servers of the Steam hosts might be the blame for the issue. The Real Debrid gadget in conjunction with streaming software is the greatest option in this situation. Do you have a lot of questions?

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The third-party programme you are attempting to link your account to will give you the Real-Debrid permission code. Since authorization codes are unique for each app you wish to approve and update every two minutes, they cannot be used again or given after payment.

  • Click here: to approve a third-party app on your account.
  • Visit to examine or remove previously executed authorizations on your account.
  • Please use the linked “Forgot Password” feature on our website at if you can’t remember your login.
  • The email that will be sent to you will include your username. (Hello, user name you.
  • Please utilise the linked feature on our website: if you cannot log in or have forgotten your password.

What is Real Debrid?

Real-Debrid is often considered to be an add-on. But in reality, it is a multi-hosting service that enhances your streaming by offering limitless downloads and streaming options.

It is a very well-known multi-hoster, and its primary function is to provide a variety of HD streaming sources. None of them is available in other Kodi add-ons. With all the well-known plugins, this application works well. 

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Implementation Details of API

Links to Real come from 56 supported hosts. Regular links and RD links vary from one another in that they are less often utilized than Kodi addons that are downloaded from the internet.

Real Debrid devices also benefit from being hosted on high bandwidth servers. The currents become quicker and steadier as a result. You get a highly fluid HD streaming experience as a result.

API Methods

The base URL of the Rest API is the following:

GET /disable_access_token

Disable the current access token

GET /time

Get server time

GET /time/iso

Get server time in ISO


GET /user

Get up-to-date user information

/don’t limit

POST /unrestrict/check

Check the link

POST /unrestrict/link

Remove link restrictions

POST /unrestrict/folder

Unrestrict the link to the folder

PUT /unrestrict/containerFile

Decrypt the container file

POST /unrestrict/containerLink

Decrypt the container file from the link

/ traffic

GET / operation

Traffic information for limited hosts

GET /traffic/details

Details of the traffic on the hosts used


GET /streaming/transcode/{id}

Get the transcoding links for that file

GET /streaming/mediaInfos/{id}

Get media information for a given file


GET / download

Get a list of downloaded users

DELETE /downloads/delete/{id}

Remove the link from the download list


GET /torrents

Get a list of user torrents

GET /torrents/info/{id}

Get torrent information

GET /torrents/instantAvailability/{hash}

Get a list of immediately available file IDs

GET /torrents/activeCount

Get the number of currently active torrents

GET /torrents/availableHosts

Get available hosts

PUT /torrents/addTorrent

Add torrent file

POST /torrents/addMagnet

Add a magnet link

POST /torrents/selectFiles/{id}

Select the torrent files

DELETE /torrents/delete/{id}

Delete torrent from torrent list


GET /hosts

Get supported hosts

GET /hosts/status

Get the status of the hosts

GET /hosts/regex

Get all supported regular expressions.

GET /hosts/regexFolder

Get all supported regular expressions for folder references.

GET /hosts/domains

Get all supported domains.


GET /settings

Get the current user settings

POST /settings/update

Update user settings

POST /settings/convertPoints

Convert loyalty points

POST /settings/changePassword

Send a verification email to change your password

PUT /settings/avatarFile