persona 4 golden endings

Decide which Persona 4 ending you want first. The five possible outcomes are Normal, Bad, Complicit, True, and Gold. The Golden Conclusion is the ultimate royal ending for Persona 4 Golden. The True Conclusion, which is a holdover from the PlayStation 2 version of the game, is still a decent ending, but not the best. With the exception of Accomplice, which we’ll discuss later, the other endings are self-explanatory. Finding the Persona 4 True Ending is more difficult than it seems. We’ll walk you through it and demonstrate how to obtain Persona 4’s most satisfying conclusion.

What are Persona 4 Golden True Ending Requirements?

There aren’t any other real Persona 4 final requirements to worry about until early December after you’ve cleared the sky dungeon. This is all extremely spoiler material, so we’ll tread lightly here. That said, you’ll know when you get to this dialogue sequence because the investigation team has some very serious decisions to make. There are seven dialogue options in a row that you’ll work through to reach the true ending of Persona 4, and it’s incredibly easy to find yourself not knowing what’s best. Decide on the Persona 4 ending you want to receive as a first step. Five conclusions are available: Normal, Bad, Accomplice, True, and Golden. 

The Golden Ending is the last real ending for Persona 4 Golden. Although it’s still a fine ending, The True Ending isn’t the best because it’s a carryover from the PlayStation 2 version of the game. With the exception of the accomplice, which we’ll discuss later, the other conclusions are self-explanatory.

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How to Unlock the Persona 4 Golden True Ending Effectively Free of Cost?

Players need to get to the point where the main character and his pals are apprehending Namatame, and they would advise throwing the criminal into a shadowy TV world where he may perish once the fog descends in Inaba, claims Screen Rant. Players should select every option that is against the act in order to get the best and most realistic ending. As long as you insist on not hurling Namatame at the television, you can choose any option from the first set of dialogues because it will continue in the next. Then pick the subsequent dialogues:

  • “Wait for a second,”
  • There is something missing.
  • Namatama’s actual sentiment.
  • “I’m bothered about something.
  • “There’s something lacking.
  • Just relax, dammit!

The MC will next have to say goodbye to his pals in a scenario, so be sure to wait until you’ve unlocked the last few dungeons before returning home. Go to Junes Food Court and open the last dungeon to achieve this.

After you catch the genuine bad guy and calm Inaba down once more, a year would pass until MC was forced to leave the city and return to his home.

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How to Get Persona 4 Golden True Ending 3/20?

You must visit everyone with whom you have built the most vital social connection. Except for Yukiko, everyone is in the same places as the rest of the game. You can get to Amagi Inn, where Yukiko is, by bus.

After you’ve talked to everyone, you’ll be asked to go home and leave. Say no to avoid receiving the default ending of Persona 4. Then check if your gadget is working properly. At the end of it all, you’ll be in one final dungeon, and once you enter, you can’t leave. Finally, go to the gas station in the southern part of the Inaba shopping district and talk to the attendant. You will have several options to choose from to learn about the guide and there is no danger of going wrong. Once you’re done, you’ll unlock the actual final dungeon.