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O’Reilly Automotive Inc. (O’Reilly) is an American automotive parts and supplies retailer. It offers automotive aftermarket parts, equipment, and accessories to do-it-yourself and professional service providers alike. O’Reilly Automotive was founded in 1957 in Missouri. O’Reilly Automotive has been a leader in the automotive aftermarket parts industry. The company currently operates approximately 5,874 stores in the United States. Read on to learn more about O’Reilly Automotive Inc.

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O’Reilly Auto Parts Main Goals

O’Reilly Auto Parts is an American retail chain of automotive supply stores. They sell aftermarket automotive parts, supplies, equipment, and accessories to do-it-yourselfers and professional service providers. A retail chain, O’Reilly is one of the largest automotive parts retailers in the United States. The company has three main goals:

  1. Providing a broader range of automotive parts.
  2. Supplies to consumers and professional service providers.
  3. Helping customers maintain their vehicles themselves.

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O’Reilly Value-Added Services

In addition to selling automotive parts, O’Reilly also offers value-added services, such as battery and alternator testing, wiper blade installation, drum and rotor resurfacing, and check engine light testing. These auto repair stores also offer a loaner tool program and have their own proprietary brands of fluids. The company also owns 27 distribution centres and leverages them to offer customers more options. O’Reilly is one of the largest auto parts retailers in the U.S.

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O’Reilly was prepared to expand its retail business, but the auto parts industry remained highly fragmented. However, with the rise of do-it-yourself auto repair and the DIY automotive market, O’Reilly was able to capitalize on this trend by focusing on essential services for its customers. O’Reilly Auto Parts shares have surged by more than 60% since the company’s IPO in April 1993.

O’Reilly Automotive Stock Price

If you’re curious about the O’Reilly Automotive stock price, it may help to look up its beta value. This ratio measures how volatile a stock is compared to the market. The market’s beta is one. O’Reilly Automotive’s beta is 0.99. That means it’s less volatile than the market as a whole.

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O’Reilly Automotive has a market cap of 44.904B which is higher than most comparable retail stocks, so the rising dollar is likely to benefit the company. Additionally, DYI’ers are an increasing segment of the automotive retail market. Consequently, it’s important to pay attention to O’Reilly’s stock price. There’s a good chance it will continue to rise in the near future. O’Reilly Automotive has been a top performer in the retail sector for over five years.

O’Reilly Automotive is one of the largest retailers of automotive aftermarket parts. Its product line includes new and remanufactured automotive parts, engine additives, filters, fluids, lighting and much more. It also sells own-brand products and branded automotive parts. You can find almost everything you need to keep your car running like new.

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O’Reilly Automotive Store Count

In 2017, the company had a total of 5,811 locations in the U.S. and 27 ORMA stores in Mexico. In 2021, the company employs more than 83,636 team members. With growth and consolidation, O’Reilly will have over five thousand locations nationwide. In 2020, O’Reilly will have over 5,600 stores in more than 47 states. Its executives are committed to expanding its reach in all markets.

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The company increased its store count by 28 per cent over the last decade but remained steady in terms of size and same-store sales. A large auto parts retailer enjoys several benefits from scale and brand recognition. Increasing store density allows retailers to distribute parts more efficiently, and higher store counts mean a better position in supplier negotiations. Furthermore, national advertising reduces customer acquisition costs. O’Reilly Automotive’s store count continues to grow and is expected to hit 6000 by 2022. Read More

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