McDonald’s Introduces Pokemon Happy Meals

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McDonald’s Introduces Pokemon Happy Meals

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A new promotion involving the popular brand Pokémon is coming to McDonald’s. The promotion will be available in the UK from August 3, 2022. As with last year’s Pokémon promotion, the menu will feature exclusive cards that children can collect. However, it has been reported that scalers have been getting hold of hundreds of these cards before they were intended for children. In any case, the promotion is expected to be a hit with fans and customers alike.

Pokemon Fans, Prepare to Rejoice

McDonald’s has just announced a new promotion that will launch on August 3: Pokemon Happy Meals. While last year’s limited-time deal was an American thing, the Pokemon-themed meals are heading to the UK. While there’s no word on what type of goody you can expect to receive with the promotion, it’s possible that the cards are trading cards.

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In order to get more people involved, the company is repurposing its old game pieces. Last year’s promotional Monopoly game was cancelled due to a pandemic, but it is back this year! As part of the promotion, customers can win instant wins and free food prizes. The only catch? You’ve got to be 16 years old to play! Fortunately, McDonald’s is doing their part to reuse over 200 million stickers, game pieces, and other marketing materials.

One-of-a-Kind Trading Cards

The fast food giant McDonald’s is celebrating its 25th anniversary by transforming the Happy Meal box into the face of Pikachu. Happy Meals that contain a special edition booster pack will come with a surprise gift and 25 one-of-a-kind trading cards. Each card is available in both standard and foil versions. The cards will have a special 25th-anniversary stamp.

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The promotion was a hit with fans and sold out within days in many McDonald’s locations. The company also announced that more cards would be available in the near future. The Pokemon Happy Meal is no longer exclusive to the United States but is available in Europe, the UK, Australia, Canada, and the Middle East. This promotion has shifted the focus of the restaurant to different types of Pokemon, as well as the new generation of young people.

Replaces Paddington Bear Deal

Happy Meals featuring Pokemon will be available in the UK soon. The franchise previously released a Happy Meal featuring the Paddington Bear, but this new range will make the brand more international. Paddington Bear has been a popular hit in the US and the UK and will be replaced by the new offering in August. However, it’s not clear what kind of goody the new Pokemon deal will include. In the past, the only known goody included in the deal was an exclusive trading card.

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It’s unclear what type of goody the new promotion will feature, but there is a possibility that it could include wooden Pokemon characters. The company is limiting the number of happy meal cards, but it’s possible some people purchased wholesale cards for the previous Happy Meal promotion and sold them online for astronomical prices. If you’re wondering where to buy a Paddington Happy Meal, you can always check eBay. There are plenty of sellers of these items for those who don’t mind paying a ridiculous amount for a toy.

Brand New Battle System

There’s a brand new battle system in Pokemon Go, and it’s in the form of a McDonald’s menu item. The new system rewards players for exclusive field research, and rewards for finding a gym for an EX raid. The game’s official website, mentions future special events at participating McDonald’s locations. Perhaps they’ll focus on the new gym or PokeStop that’s sponsored by the company. If so, the menu will have a new “McDonald’s” logo, as well as a special PokeStop indicator.

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Recently, Pokemon GO partnered with McDonald’s in Latin America and the Caribbean. This partnership spans 23 countries, including Argentina, Aruba, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, and Curacao. There are even toys featuring the characters in the new game. The McDonald’s Pokemon menu includes items like Mudkip and Sobble, which have a nifty new battle system!

Buy Collectible Cards

Pokémon fans can now buy collectable cards made for the fast food giant. The 25th anniversary of the franchise has been marked with a virtual concert featuring Post Malone, new game announcements, and Pokemon-themed merchandise. Of course, the upcoming collaboration between McDonald’s and the franchise will only increase the prices for these collectable items. But, is it really worth the money? Here are a few things to consider before making the purchase.

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Toys – Sadly, this promotion is not for the faint of heart. Pokemon cards are expensive and rarely make a profit unless you sell them. Thankfully, McDonald’s has not been the first fast food chain to promote the cards as toys. Burger King has also done several promotions featuring the popular franchise, including solid plastic cards that resemble golden plates. But, if you really want to buy a collectable card made by McDonald’s, you’ll have to pay a premium. Read More

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