Manic Panic Hair Dye Review

Manic Panic was a company I kept hearing about when I was first beginning to get interested in dyeing my hair outrageous colours. Manic Panic offers a huge selection of colours, is simple to apply, and does everything. In addition, there are several YouTube videos that include them. Naturally, I gave it a go. However, is it really worthwhile or is it just hype? Your queries will be completely addressed by this Manic Panic Hair Dye evaluation.

What is Manic Panic Hair Dye?

A business with headquarters in New York. Manic Panic offers three different hair colour formulas: Creamtone for individuals who want pastel hair and “Amplified,” which lasts longer than high voltage. All hair dyes are vegan and semi-permanent.

The Manic Panic High Voltage Classic Cream Formula in Deep Purple Dream is the one I tried and will be evaluating since

  • I look better in dark hues.
  • Amplified was out of stock at the one shop I know of in the Philippines.

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How to Use it?

Manic Panic is simple to use, as everyone has informed me. It doesn’t need mixing with anything else, like conditioner or peroxide. It’s prepared for usage! The creamy texture also made the application simpler. Manic Panic has a consistency similar to a moisturiser. But bear in mind that in order to get the appropriate hue, your hair must be light in tone. Before using this product, you should bleach and tone your hair unless you are a natural blonde as I am. You should ideally be a level 10 blonde. Before getting pastel hair, Asians should be aware of these 5 things.

Performance and Application

The 40z. hair colours are contained in a jar that looks similar to the one used for jam or peanut butter. I really appreciate it since I don’t have to transfer it to the bowl as I do with other hair colours. I could dunk a brush in it before applying it directly to my hair. It has a pleasant, candy-like scent. That, or our bathroom smells pretty good.

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Customer Reviews

Bad Boy Blue won’t get a complete evaluation from me since I botched my experiment with it. However, maybe you can benefit from my errors.

My attempts to dye my hair previously failed, and I fell short of my Hollywood aspirations to resemble Katy Perry. You’ll understand why if you read my previous post on how to bleach dark hair.

I was unable to properly bleach my hair since it was so unmanageable. I abandoned the bleach and coloured my hair instead since I was so eager to have brilliant blue hair. It was an awful oversight.

My Experience of Using it

After applying, my hair felt hydrated. Unfortunately, the hue did not match my level 7 blonde. Rather than the Deep Purple hue, I was anticipating. However, my grey hair with a tint of light purple really experienced this. And in brilliant light, there is the scene. I have dyed hair! Gray, greenish-pink, rose-pink, and touches of purple are some of the hues. But fortunately, I and a lot of other individuals enjoyed the madness. Many people complimented me! Sadly, this hue was only visible for a week. My hair began to return to level 7 blonde with a tint of green after one and a half weeks.

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When should the Dyeing Process be Completed?

We advise keeping the colour on for at least 30 minutes since our colours are semi-permanent, but you are free to leave it on for many hours if you choose. Your hair’s cuticle may be opened up and made easier to absorb colour by applying heat to the hair colour that is being treated. The heat used with a hair dryer will aid in penetrating the cuticle.