Lin Wood's Twitter Account Suspended

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After receiving criticism over her controversial posts on Parler, pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood’s Twitter account has been suspended for good. Twitter said Wood was suspended permanently for violating its rules, but would not elaborate. Wood has defended her posts as free speech, and her suspension came after she posted on the social media site. Although Parler brands itself as pro-free speech, it does not take action against posts that spread misinformation or incite violence.

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Lin Wood Parler’s Memorandum

This is a continuation of the divisive rhetoric and conspiracy theories that Wood, a former lawyer with the Koch Brothers, has made since his election. His remarks, which have come under fire, range from calling the Vice President a traitor to claiming that Pence’s role in the congressional certification of Joe Biden is treasonous. Wood, a former Twitter user, has been banned from the platform after citing conspiracy theories linking the President and Vice President with a convicted sex offender.

A Parler executive says that his site has taken down Wood’s message because he “made inflammatory comments and promoted violence at the US Capitol.” In response, the executive said the site would attempt to get back online as soon as possible and is still investigating the Big Tech ban. If the ban sticks, Parler will likely be forced out of business. This article has been updated to reflect the most recent developments. To stay updated on the latest developments, follow @Parler to get updates on Wood’s fundraising efforts.

Twitter Suspension

A spokesperson for Twitter has permanently suspended Lin Wood’s account for violating its rules. The company did not share any details of the violation. Twitter said Wood posted on Parler, which brands itself as pro-free speech but takes no action when posts promote misinformation or incite violence. Despite the Twitter suspension, Wood continues to be a popular figure on the site. His account has more than 500,000 followers. Nonetheless, Wood and Parler have a long history of controversy.

Tweeting about a pro-Trump mob causing a disruption at a congressional affirmation of Biden’s victory, Wood violated Twitter’s rules against threatening violence and spreading false information. Twitter also banned Wood’s account for violating their ban evasion policy, which prohibits accounts from circumventing prior enforcement. Wood’s Twitter suspension has caused a stir on the right. Although Wood is not a big name on the social media platform, her actions on Twitter reflect a lack of respect for its rules.

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Facebook Ban

Activists have been calling for government intervention to stop Big Tech companies from dominating our society and culture, and Parler is a prime example of this. While it was sometimes referred to as “boomer 4chan,” Parler served as a bridge between mainstream right-wing Facebook and the more radical fringes of the internet. Its downfall has outraged many on the right, and existing platforms are not perfectly set up to replace it. Activists have even publicly called for the creation of a “social network free of bias.”

The Twitter and Facebook ban followed an outrage and a backlash. Wood’s posts – many of which were about the president-elect’s election–were quickly turned into memes, with some claiming that the riots were staged. As a result, Wood was banned from both Twitter and Facebook for violating the social network’s terms of service. This was a rare moment for a prominent Democratic politician, who had already been under fire for his efforts to sabotage the election.

Activist’s Memorandum

The “free speech” social media platform Parler has come under fire recently after conservative commentators took down a post from a Trump affiliate, Lin Wood. In it, Wood called for the execution of Vice President Mike Pence. While Wood is a high-profile conservative figure, the controversy is still far from over. Let’s take a closer look at what has been happening on her social media accounts.

While the Trump administration has denied widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, multiple state officials and former Attorney General Bill Barr have expressed their concern. Yet, the pro-Trump lawyer continues to stir controversy on Twitter by making outrageous claims about the election. A report by the Daily Beast noted that Wood’s feud with Flynn and Powell had escalated and was linked to his handling of his former client Kyle Rittenhouse. Wood was accused of using his power as vice president to vote illegally in Georgia last year.

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The pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood has been suspended from the social networking website Parler. The suspension came as Twitter and other mainstream Silicon Valley sites are cracking down on harmful falsehoods on the Internet. Wood had been banned from Twitter for advocating for the execution of Vice President Mike Pence and spreading conspiracy theories about the Capitol riot. Parler has since reactivated Wood’s account, but the social networking site would not comment on the suspension.

In response to the tweet, a Parler executive removed Wood’s message after the site allegedly discovered that Wood had endorsed riots at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. The site will attempt to return quickly, though, but it is not clear what triggered the suspension. Parler’s suspension could put the site out of business if the Big Tech giants don’t remove it. The company declined to comment on Wood’s suspension, but the reasons for Wood’s suspension are unclear.