Learn the Best 80s Dance Moves For Your Hen Do

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Learn the Best 80s Dance Moves For Your Hen Do

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It is very easy to learn the 80s dance moves and make people go wild. You can find many classes at Giulia, which is an excellent idea for hen dos. They are friendly and silly cool, and there is always the option of watching a video online. However, if you can’t get to a class, there are many videos on YouTube to get the feel of 80s dancing. Here are some of our favourites.


Moshing is a dance move reminiscent of the 80s that started in the hardcore punk scene in the 1980s. The dance quickly spread to other branches of the punk rock genre, including thrash metal and grunge. Its popularity was so widespread, that it became a standard part of many heavy metal shows. The dance has a number of variations including the “pogoing” movement and can be performed individually or in groups.

While it may not look like much, moshing is a unique style of dancing that originated in the 1980s. Often accompanied by music from punk and hardcore, moshing is a classic part of many rock concerts. In fact, mosh pits have spawned crowd surfing and slam dancing. However, it is not a form of dance that is appropriate for every occasion.

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The Butt is another 80s dance move, similar to the Booty Roll. In this style, the dancer thrusts his/her arms down toward the knee. The dance was popularized by B-Fats’ 1986 song, “Woppit,” which explains the move in a fun way. It has since been featured in countless music videos. And it is still gaining popularity! This dance move is especially fun to watch on a dance show because people can’t help but smile.


Jacking is an 80s dance move that was popularized by hip-hop artists and became one of the most iconic and sought-after moves of the decade. This back-and-forth body movement required ample room, empty eyes, and a chopping motion. The movement is also known as the “butter dance” and has been credited to a group of ’80s rappers, including Gucci Crew II and Farley Funk.

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The “jacking” dance technique is a combination of a rippling torso motion, reminiscent of a wave, repeated to match the beat of a song. Jacking is also commonly referred to as “the jack,” and it is an essential step in beginning complex footwork. But while this technique originated in the 80s, its modern-day counterpart has become popular all over the world.


The voguing movement started in the 1970s, but it really began in the 1980s. It is often associated with Madonna’s “Vogue” album and the Harlem ballroom scene. The dance is now an international phenomenon that has its origins in the ballroom scene of the 1970s and 80s. It is also associated with the Black trans community and is a popular style of dance in New York City.

It was popularized by the film ‘Paris is Burning’, directed by Jennie Livingston. The film portrayed prominent voguers in the New York ballroom scene and LGBTQ communities of colour. The movie has since become a cultural landmark, but the movement continues to elicit controversy. The film depicts voguers from all socioeconomic backgrounds and is controversial for its portrayal of the LGBTQ community. Moreover, many of the voguers in the film were low-income and working-class, some were battling HIV/AIDS and homelessness, while others had filed lawsuits to receive little to nothing.

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The voguing movement began in the late 70s and soon became popular in Harlem’s drag scene. Its dancers mimicked the runway and struck a serious pose. The style eventually gained worldwide fame thanks to the song “Vogue” by Madonna. Other voguing videos have featured Madonna and Kim Ann Foxman. The dance style is popular in the underground ballroom club scene of New York, where DJ MikeQ promoted a new sound. A voguing video is often performed to Kevin Aviance’s Cunty.

The Running Man

The Running Man’s dancing moves are legendary. Initially, Janet Jackson was credited with creating the “running man” craze, but Jamie Hewlett took it to the next level. Whatever the case, fans were never disappointed by the 80s classic. In addition to Janet Jackson, many celebrities have done the dance, including Britney Spears, Scarlett Johansson, and MC Hammer.

The Running Man’s moves are easy to learn, but they’re difficult to incorporate into advanced hip-hop moves. While the most common form of the running man is seen on TV, the rarer style is also unique and stands out from the crowd. In this dance move, the hands start in a bent position and push straight downward, forming a good visual contrast. It’s important to switch hands while performing this dance, as it requires switching legs.

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The Running Man was a hip hop craze in the 1980s. It became famous through music videos and was even featured on tv shows such as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The dance moves were about having fun, not necessarily following rules. If you want to learn how to perform the dance, you can check out the STEEZY Studio’s free dance tutorials. The instructors will break down the steps live on camera so that anyone can copy the moves.

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk

In 1988, Michael Jackson published his autobiography, titled Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk, which was named after his signature dance move. Doubleday published the autobiography just five months after releasing his Bad album. The moonwalk has been a signature dance move of Jackson ever since. The autobiography became an instant bestseller and a major hit in the music industry. This biography reveals the life and struggles of one of the most influential artists of all time.

In 1983, Michael Jackson debuted the moonwalk at the Motown 25th anniversary special. The dance routine has been the talk of the night, and his performance blew the audience away. People all over the world watched in awe as the pop star performed his Moonwalk. The video shows that Michael did not choreograph the moonwalk himself; instead, he enlisted the help of a dancer and hired a professional to teach him the moves.

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The moonwalk gained popularity as a performance technique during the summer of 1989. Performing solo, MJ used his feet to glide backwards in a flashy way. The performance was so popular that the song was already on the Billboard Top 100 chart. The moonwalk is still one of the most iconic dance moves and was performed by numerous artists. It is difficult to describe in words the sheer power of a single moonwalk, but Kaufman captured it beautifully in this Pulitzer Prize-winning portfolio.

Michael Jackson’s “Bust A Move”

You’ve probably heard of the gravity-defying tilt from Michael Jackson’s 1988 hit Smooth Criminal, but how do you learn to do it? This dance has inspired a host of other stars, including Beyonce, Janet Jackson, and Britney Spears. Here’s a guide to mimicking Jackson’s signature tilt:

The video is a classic example of the re-framing of race, gender, and identity. This re-framing of a classic music video reflects the times when Michael Jackson himself was indeterminate: not clearly black, not clearly white. The androgynous image he projected in his music video had its own peculiar cinematic features. Moreover, the music video parodies the horror genre.

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The moonwalk was first performed by the Electric Booglaos on Soul Train in the 1970s. Michael Jackson reportedly learned how to moonwalk from his friends and practised in his studio. He gave the move the polish and finesse that made it so popular. Michael Jackson’s performance on Motown 25 made it a worldwide phenomenon. Inglis praised Jackson for “capturing a traditional African-American dance movement”.

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