Josh Kiszka


Full NameJose Kiszka
Date of BirthApril 23, 1996
AlbumFrom the fires and Black smoke rising
BandGreta Van Fleet
Net Worth$4-6 million (2023) as per Forbes
Zodiac SignTaurus
Weight75kg, 165.43 lbs.
Nomination AwardGrammy Award (Best Rock Song)
Josh Kiszka Biography

Educational Qualification

Josh Kiszka completed his school education at a private school nearby to his hometown. Later he began to focus on his singing career. However, no further information was found about his education on his official website.

Josh Kiszka Family

Jose Kiszka is one of four children in his family. According to his biography on GrandPeople, his father was a well-known multi-instrumentalist and skilled singer. His mother’s name is Karen Kiszka.

Josh’s family consists of two brothers and one sister. His two brothers, Sam Kiszka and Jake Kiszka are both members of Greta Van Fleet and are also talented singers.

Josh Kiszka Girlfriend, Affairs & Dates

Jose does not have a girlfriend; as per all sources, he is single. As per his Instagram profile, he seems to have relationships with several fan girls. However, this is not officially available in public biography.

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Josh Kiszka Age & Height

Josh Kiszka was born on April 23, 1996. He is 27 years old now. In terms of height, Josh Kiszka is 5 feet 6 inches, or 167.64 centimetres and 1.6764 meters tall.

Josh Kiszka Weight

As per online sources, Josh Kiszka has a weight of around 58 kg or 127 pounds. The weight is healthy and suitable to his physique body type.

Josh Kiszka Career

Josh Kiszka has had a deep love for music since he was young. At a very young age, he and his brother started careers by playing instruments together. They also reportedly gave performances at high school events. In 2012, Kiszka and her brothers started a rock group called Greta Van Fleet after getting some experience.

Greta Van Fleet Members

Josh KiszkaVocals (2012–Present)
Jake KiszkaGuitars, Backing Vocals (2012–Present)
Sam KiszkaBass Guitar, Backing Vocals (2012–Present)
Danny WagnerDrums, Backing Vocals (2013–Present)
Greta Van Fleet Members

Josh Kiszka Instagram and Social Handle

Josh has risen to fame on social media in recent years. He currently has over 200k followers on Instagram and over 1000 subscribers on Twitter & YouTube.

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Josh Kiszka Net Worth (2023)

As per the Forbes report, Josh Kiszka’s net worth is $5 million. Additionally, he earns money by endorsing numerous companies and participating in paid collaborations and other business ventures. 

Net Worth$4-6 Million
SalaryNot Exact Information
Josh Kiszka Net Worth

Top 10 Amazing Things you must know about Josh Kiszka of Greta Van Fleet

Here are 10 things you must know about josh Kiszka

#10 – Robert Plant was never meant to look like it

Josh Kiszka claimed in a 2017 interview with Billboard that he never intended to sound like Robert Plant. In reality, he continued, until he was in high school, he had never heard of Robert Plant. And we’re relocating our headquarters for classic music to some really nice, affordable office space on Mars.

#9 – Family band

You presumably aren’t aware that Jake and Sam Kiszka are bandmates with Josh Kiszka unless you’re a devotee of the rock band Greta Van Fleet. Sam plays the bass, and Jake plays the guitar. Although it isn’t quite the Partridge Family, it is near.

#8 – Josh Kiszka and Rock Royalty Sang a Duet

At the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Party, Josh Kiszka and Elton John once performed as a duo on stage. Elton John played the keyboard that evening, March 4, 2018, as Josh Kiszka and Greta Van Fleet performed.

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#7 – Josh Kiszka has Highly Active Social Media Followers

There is nothing like being a youthful music celebrity in the twenty-first century, where popularity can greatly depend on Twitter and YouTube profiles. Greta Van Fleet is very popular on YouTube, and their movies have received over 250 million views so far. Josh Kiszka’s main vocalist has over 100,000 fans on Instagram and Twitter, so you know females adore him.

#6 – Josh Kiszka is overly Careful and unconcerned with his Health

According to rumours, the main vocalist Greta Van Fleet is a fully committed vegan who abstains from eating dairy products and animals.

#5 – TV Treated him well

Sales of the band’s back inventory soared after Josh Kiszka and his band Greta Van Fleet appeared on the venerable television program Saturday Night Live in 2019. Because of his cartoon act, Josh Kiszka has never been more well-known, particularly on the TikTok app.

#4 – Jose doesn’t like Auto-Tune

Josh Kiszka claims he never uses vocal enhancements on his voice, in contrast to many of his current pop performers who frequently use Auto Tunes in the studio to correct flat or sharp sounds. His nutrition is wholesome, just like he is.

#3 – Win a Grammy Award at 22 years of Age

Josh Kiszka earned a Grammy at the age of 22, and he shares it with his siblings Jake and Sam, as well as percussionist Danny Wagner. At the 2018 Grammy Awards, the four youthful artists took home the Grammy Award for Rock Album of the Year.

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#2 – Josh Kiszka’s Speech could be Heard on Silver Screen Movies too

Want to become financially successful? One surefire method is to include one of your tracks in a big-budget movie. There are always extras. One of Josh Kiszka and his band’s compositions were included in the Aquaman film. DC may be the culprit instead of Marvel. In the song, immortalization is still a fairly common film category and film company practice. He now only needs to work on acquiring the soundtrack for the upcoming James Bond film. If you watched the previous one, you are aware that they won’t be appearing.

#1 – The most Famous TV Chat Show of all Time was where Josh Kiszka made his Debut on Television

On the most-watched chat show of all time, Josh Kiszka performed singing for the very first time. The Tonight Show on NBC featured Josh and Greta Van Fleet for the first time. When the Curtain Falls was sung by the ensemble.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Greta Van Fleet?

Greta Van Fleet is a musical band founded in 2012 in Frankenmuth, Michigan. It was founded by Danny Wagner, Jos Kiszka, Jake, and Sam Kiszka.

How Old is Greta Van Fleet?

The group was established in 2012. Twins Josh and Jake are both 25 years old at that time. So overall in 2023, Greta Van Fleet will be 11 years old.

Is Greta Van Fleet Christian?

Yes, Greta Van Fleet is a Christian band. Being Christians, they sing religion-based songs too.

Is Greta Van Fleet’s Lead Singer Josh Kiszka a Twin?

Yes, the main guitars for the rock group Greta Van Fleet are twins.

Is Greta Van Fleet Singer Josh Kiszka Gay?

We don’t know exactly. However, online information sources show that Josh Kiszka is not Gay.