Is Jarasim Legit or Scam?

While everyone loves snagging up a good deal, some highly suspicious stores online might be too good to be true. There are plenty of reputable sites out there, but many fraudulent stores take your money and send you completely different items if anything at all.

What is Retailer?

Jarasim is a retail and wholesale company established in 2020, committed to effectively helping communities by providing great products, services and safe online shopping. They ship products throughout the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US territories and worldwide.

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Specification of Retailer

The Jarasim site offers a lot of information about its legal vendor. However, we believe readers should have access to the most important points to keep in mind while shopping. Below is the specification information we collect about the site that may be helpful in deciding whether it is legitimate to rate as a genuine seller.

Domain Registration Date14th May 2020Negative check
Domain URL check
Email Addressinfo@jarasim.comPositive check
Office AddressChicago, IL 60611Positive check
Social Media Management on the WebsiteNot AvailableNegative check
External Customer ReviewsNot AvailableNegative check
Return PolicyAvailablePositive check
Social Media Presence Not MuchNegative check
Office Contact Number+1 80 0462 3044Positive check
Payment MethodsVisa Maestro Mastercard AvailablePositive check
Refund PolicyAvailable with a 15% Restocking FeePositive check

Is it Legit and Safe to Buy from Retailer?

The investigation into whether Jarasim is a scam is receiving mixed reviews. There will certainly be people who claim that the Jarasim website cheated them out of money, but the company fulfils countless orders from all over the world every day. Some red flags make people wonder if Jarasim is legit or not. Additionally, Jarasim is not BBB accredited, which means they don’t have the extra support for consumer satisfaction.

Despite these red flags, many people place orders on the site. Jarasim appears to be a secure site in the sense that your payment details and identity are not stolen.

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How is the Jarasim Website Different?

Jarasim’s official inventory is quite extensive and seems to offer everything on offer at a fraction of the price. Jarasim is a good website for anyone looking for fashion deals to help them expand their wardrobe without breaking the bank. This site offers unbeatable shipping rates that are the cheapest and offers same-day delivery for purchases. The appearance of the online store is clear and they always treat their customers as their top priority. They are staffed at a high level to work for complete buyer satisfaction. Many Jarasim reviews state that the brand’s clothing quickly fades, loses its shape, or shows wear. Those who are unsatisfied or looking for a return or exchange are running into another infamous problem with the company.

Jarasim Customer Reviews

The quality of Jarasim products or inferior products is not the only thing that bothers Jarasim. According to the customer feedback analysis, we observe that the site has not a lot of genuine customer testimonials. However, no data or information is linked. We do not perceive any customer audits on the website. We found no customer input on the items. The site is not linked to any customer reviews. In any case, we see nothing in this feedback. In fact, we also do not receive true or negative thoughts and product discounts or exchanges on their items. Since the site has no consumer testimonials, it makes this site sceptical to shop.

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Final Concluding Remarks

Apart from everything else, it is completely safe to order from Jarasim. You don’t have to worry about falling for some fancy phishing scam. The only thing you risk by ordering from the official Jarasim website is that you might be disappointed in the future.