J.One Jelly Pack Directions

Korean actress Ha Ji Won, who has been in popular k-dramas such as “Secret Garden” and “Empress Ki,” has developed her own cult skincare line called J. One Jelly Pack. This jelly pack advertises a highly nourishing and moisturising recipe with a double-edged complex, offering twice as much intense hydration to the skin as moisturisers and creams. It is featured on Korea’s top beauty programme, Get It Beauty. routine anti-ageing.

What is J.One Jelly Pack?

J. One Jelly Pack is a multi-purpose product that hydrates, firms and sets makeup so you can achieve smooth and flawless skin. The two main key ingredients it contains are Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid and another one is Fullerene. The brand’s flagship product, the Jelly Pack, is essentially a multitasking, anti-ageing formula that works as both a hydrating morning mask and a makeup primer. It can also be used as an overnight sleeping mask for fresh and rejuvenated skin in the morning.

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J.One Jelly Pack Ingredients

J. One Jelly Pack contains niacinamide ingredients that improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dullness and weakened skin surface; Hydrolysed hyaluronic acid that maintains collagen synthesis and preserves elasticity. In addition, it also contains PEG 150 Di stearate, butylene glycol and dimethicone, which can cause acne on sensitive skin.

J.One Jelly Pack Performance

Texture / Finish

The texture of the j.one jelly pack has a gel or balm texture like Benefit Professional or something in between, but instead, the texture of this jelly pack is like crystal clear honey and almost glue-like.

Fragrance and Scent

Jelly Pack has no detectable odour or fragrance.

Packing of jelly pack

Jelly Pack comes in two packs. The 30ml I got them in a rubber tube (pictured above). It is somewhat difficult to control when dosing the product. Whereas the 50ml comes in a plastic bottle with a pump which I hope will be easier.

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How to use the J.ONE Jelly Pack?

In fact, it’s usually best to wait a few minutes before applying makeup on the skin, when sticky skin guide between your fingers then there’s no transfer of product. further, this primer is like fancy makeup, so it’s only temporary and won’t reduce the appearance of pores in the long run effectively.

Pros of J.ONE Jelly Pack

According to my analysis, it leaves my skin hydrated + protected. Also, it works as a great moisturizing makeup that helps my skin stay fresh effectively. The cost is also affordable.

Cons of J.ONE Jelly Pack

Like the other products, it’s a bit more expensive when it comes to K-beauty prices. This jelly may not be suitable for sensitive skin. There is no doubt that my makeup looks very smooth, like glass, and provides long-lasting wear. I love it for that. But I find it quite high maintenance and time-consuming.

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Result / My Experience

In my experience of using it, I didn’t like it on the first try because of its stickiness. Turns out that I wasn’t using it correctly intentionally. After applying the J. One Jelly Pack all over your face, leave it on for a while. It will look like your skin is covered in slime, but hang in there. Depending on the condition of your skin and the weather, it takes 2-10 minutes, which some may not like, especially those who are in a hurry. But that’s okay because this is the only skincare product you’ll need in the morning besides sunscreen. However, it works well and I recommend it to all candidly.

Final Verdict

As a final word, if you’re quite adventurous and also a makeup addict, the J. One Jelly Pack might be something interesting to explore. My advice is to try to find a sampler first before buying a full-size bottle. CertifiedPedia