is welven dead 2021

It’s just a rumour that Welven da Great is dead. He is alive. Welven Da Great was the subject of an online hoax that claimed he had passed away, however, the reports are untrue.

The internet may sometimes be a dangerous world full of unfounded and unwelcome rumours that scare millions of people. A recent online rumour states that Welven da Great, a well-known internet celebrity, has died.

This isn’t the first time that death rumours have surfaced online. The news of Welven’s passing was announced on Twitter in July, and many people responded with sincere sympathies.

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In Short Summary: He is Alive

The latest rumours surrounding the death of the “Deez Nuts guy” are said to have first surfaced on YouTube after several videos on the platform claimed the internet star was found dead after becoming homeless.

However, Welven Da Great has since appeared in a video on Twitter, assuring fans that he is “alive and well”, despite the rumours.

Who is Deez Nutz Guy, a.k.a. Welven Da Great?

On the internet, Welven Da Great is referred to as Deez Nutz. He goes by Welven Harris in real life, and he often appears in internet memes. Harris originally became well-known online in 2015. He uploaded a video of himself talking to his father while making jokes about Deez Nutz, which came to represent him. Harris made light of Deez Nutz’s mailbox appearance with his father.

It turned into a picture right away as people put Welven’s screams of “Deez Nutz” into all kinds of humorous situations. Deez Nutz man has been the target of several rumour fabrications for causes that are most popular with online heavenly beings. One of these rumours gained traction online in July of last year, and many individuals expressed their sympathy.

In any event, Welven’s friend soon claimed that he had approached him only the day before. The most recent rumour started when someone going by the name Muscle Bound posted a YouTube video purporting to be a photo of Welven da Great laying down motionless.

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Welven Da Great: Is he Dead?

It’s just a rumour that Welven da Great is dead. He is alive. Welven Da Great was the subject of an online hoax that claimed he had passed away, however, the reports are untrue. It didn’t take long for the rumour to be disproved. Welven’s supporters and the general public were eager to point out that the news of his death was untrue. He has been seen taking photographs with his followers, and he is also quite active on social media.

Who is Welven Da Great DEAD? The Rumour’s Source Origin?

Welven the Great is seen unconscious on the streets of downtown Los Angeles in a popular Internet video. The comic is allegedly homeless and unresponsive on the sidewalk in the footage, which was posted to YouTube by a user going by the name of Muscle Bound.

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Welven Da Great Dead and Hoax Analysis

Welven did not pass away; these death reports are untrue and a collection of scams. However, online bullies continue to destroy Welven da Great by spreading false death rumours about him.

Welven’s cousin made an appearance in the video alongside him and requested that fans stop harassing him and leave him alone. She said that Welven has a family and that they are looking after the comedian well.

The Great Welven on Social Media

Welven Da Great has a sizable internet following because of his over 112,000 Instagram followers. Photographs of him with well-known figures like DJ Khalid and Amber Rose may be viewed on his official Instagram account. Additionally, Welven has a YouTube channel with more than 151k followers.