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It’s no surprise that some individuals are selling fake Kylie Jenner lip kits given Kylie Jenner’s undoubtedly successful career. Many individuals have turned to some rather shady methods in an attempt to cash in on the chaos. Kylie Cosmetics is also dealing with the issue of fake Kylie Lip Kits that are currently rampant in various Asian online markets and stores. Honestly, I already knew this was going to happen. As someone who lives in Asia, I can attest to the prevalence of counterfeit goods, especially when the item is incredibly popular. It’s terrible that some people engage in this behaviour, and the worst part is that there are online sellers who advertise their fake Kylie Lip Kits as authentic, charging full retail or even more. Some even display original Kylie Lip Kits on their eBay listings, but when they give you the item, you get a fake lip kit. Therefore, it’s time to take precautions and learn how to spot a fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kit.

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How can I tell if a Kylie Jenner lip kit is fake or Real?

  1. Kylie Jenner’s fake lip kit is only $1 to $4, but the real lip kit is $29 unless you buy it from a Lip Kit seller, in which case it will cost a bit more.
  2. The shade of the actual Kylie Jenner Lip Kit item is shown on the top and sides of the box and the shade name is written on the top. The text is bigger and the photo of the lips is a little taller.
  3. Some Kylie Jenner Lip Kit knockoffs are packaged in thin boxes, despite the fact that some products are actually trying to mimic the originals.
  4. The lip kits are sent to you in a square box that is packed by the company. it is not rectangular like in the picture on the left above.
  5. The Kylie Lip Kit bottle has a clear white cap rather than a pure white cap. They’re usually boxy like this, although the company recently changed the box design
  6. I have nothing against buying from online sellers; after all, it can be difficult to get Kylie Cosmetics products. Make sure you trust online sellers if you decide to buy from them. If this is your first time buying from them, ask for an order number and check reviews from past customers.
  7. At least in terms of packaging, the fake Kylie Lip Kit has improved somewhat. Now there is a black box with a silver “KYLIE” label on the top and inside to hold them. They also have a copy of Kylie’s letter, which is the size of a business card.
  8. Although the fake Kylie Lip Kits are now offered with lip liners and the same box, the prints on the original boxes are more vibrant. Check out the Candy K knockoff; it is rather pale.
  9. The lip liners that come with the imitation Kylie Lip Kits are bigger and paler in colour than the real thing, and also have a different cap.
  10. Just like the real lip kits, Kylie’s fakes have a seal on the bottom, but they don’t even try to put it there. Additionally, the letters on Kylie’s fake lip seals are smaller than the real thing.
  11. The cap of Kylie’s fake lip kit is smaller than the real one and the edges are also firmer.

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Final recommendations to conclude

In conclusion, I advise readers not to buy from eBay sellers as you can never be sure about them (unless you have already bought from them and trust them fully). Occasionally they will advertise a genuine item on their website but send a fake one instead. Unless you plan to buy from top Chinese makeup brands, avoid buying from Chinese e-commerce websites like DHgate, where I have personally discovered several fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. Ask sellers for an order number before purchasing; if they are unable to supply one, move on. Or ask their previous clients. Additionally, since Kylie Lip Kits are manufactured and produced in Los Angeles, California, USA, when they claim that their products are “SG Authentic”, they are undoubtedly lying. If a deal seems too good to be true, such as resellers charging less than the asking price, it is undoubtedly a pure SCAM. CertifiedPedia