how to play ludo online

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If you like playing board games, Ludo is probably one of your favourites. Known by its other name, Pachisi, the Indian version of Ludo has been a hit with players of all ages in India for decades. Even while most people know how to play ludo online for fun, there is a strategic element to the game that could help you win if you know what you’re doing.

Due to ludo’s sudden popularity boom, we can now challenge random online opponents anytime and wherever we like. Over the previous two years, there has been a 55% increase in the number of downloads of Ludo. When you play the same board game with the same individuals over and over again, you get to know each other’s play styles and can come up with a strategy to beat them.

However, when you play against other people online, you will most likely meet a different group of players each time. It’s tough to come up with a strategy when you don’t know anything about your opponent. When you get to that point in the game of Ludo, you can put these strategies and tactics to work to try to win every game.

Tips for Mastering Ludo

Here are some of the most useful ludo strategies and approaches that have been created over the years to help you win your next game:

  • Spread out the coins

If you want to win at Ludo, the first thing you need to do is get your coins out of the home base as fast as possible. Just wagering one or two coins on each die roll is a tremendous gamble, and your opponent may easily wipe you out if you do so. 

Opening all coins gives you more flexibility when moving them, and is especially useful when the number on the dice is small and you can’t use it to protect a crucial coin from your opponent. Therefore, spending your money rapidly should be a top priority.

  • Coins should be arranged in a grid

As a ludo strategy, dispersing your coins throughout the board is recommended. When no one else is around, you are free to juggle your coins around wherever you like. 

If you hold two coins in the same spot and your adversaries are all around you, the slightest movement could be enough to kill one of them instantly. You can also stop your opponents from winning the game by making it impossible for them to return to their base.

  • Adopt an aggressive stance

If you want to have fun playing ludo, you have to be willing to attack other players and possibly lose some of your own money in the process. If you want to always win at ludo, you need to forego showing pity and instead take the initiative. 

Before attempting to take an opponent’s coin, you should think about the likelihood of success and the consequences of failure. The first and second quadrants are where you should be planning to assault your opponent, no matter the state of your coin.

If your coin is in the third or fourth section, you should attack your opponent instead of retreating to a safer distance. The “rule of 7” suggests keeping at least seven feet of distance between yourself and any potential threats. This rule lessens the possibility that your opponent will win by a score of 6-1.

  • The virtue of patience

Being patient can be a game-changing tactic when playing ludo. Spaces on the board in the shape of stars will protect your coins from being lost. When the dice aren’t in your favour, it’s usually best to play it safe and keep the coin within the safe zone, especially if the coins of your opponents are close by. You can avoid unsafe or potentially dangerous areas by simply moving around in them.

You’ll need patience if you don’t want to lose your coins, as making a single wrong choice will reset the game to the start of the level. Playing Ludo regularly has been linked to better problem-solving and patience.

  • Hinder your opponent

You can use this tactic to slip your coin inside the home without being observed by your opponent. When your coins come too close to the opposing team’s base, you can bet that they’ll be closely monitored. 

If your pieces are under attack, you must pursue your opponent’s attempt to trap them. The odds of your opponent coming up to you are low, so it’s smart to stay at least seven moves ahead of them at all times.

Get Familiar With The Guidelines Before You Get Started

Before putting any of the aforementioned tactics into action, familiarity with the Ludo rules is required. Making the most of your time spent learning ludo necessitates that you first become well-versed in the game’s rules. 

You will learn how to consistently protect your tokens, when it is advantageous to capture your opponent, and when it is worthwhile to take a risk by moving your token into the final and fourth quadrant of the board.