Amazon Smile

Every time you shop at Amazon Smile, In exchange for donating a portion of the sale price, we will support the cause of your choice. Those interested in participating in the Amazon Smile program can do so from any computer by visiting Amazon Smile, and the Amazon Shopping app for iOS devices makes this a breeze. Amazon Smile is a division of Amazon that offers the same low prices, broad range, and simple shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will give 0.5% of the price of some items to the charity of your choosing. There are more than a million different charities to choose from.

Similar to its parent site,, Amazon Smile offers the same selection, convenience, and low prices. Consumers are unlikely to notice any distinction between the two platforms. In contrast, the Amazon Smile Foundation donates 0.5% of the purchase price of qualifying items to a cause of the customer’s choosing.

Amazon Smile Personal Link

Include a section on Amazon Smile and your personal link in your next email newsletter. Distribute your URL on various social media platforms and embed it on your website. Additionally, amazon black Friday cyber Monday deals provide website banners that can be embedded on your own domain to attract more visitors to your profile. Show your supporters how to use Amazon Smile by educating them on the process.

Support your Organization

Using Amazon Smile is a simple and inexpensive way for your organization to generate steady, year-round revenue. If your donors use Amazon, they can support your organization simply by creating an Amazon Smile account and designating it as their preferred charity. Your nonprofit’s Amazon Smile account will be managed by the organization’s administrator, who will act on the organization’s behalf. Choose someone who will remain with the company for the foreseeable future, or use an email address that will continue to function regardless of who is in charge of the position.

Supporters can help your point by shopping on Amazon Smile as long as they know how to do so. They just need to use their own existing account to access Amazon Smile and support your cause. When that happens, they’ll be asked to pick a charitable purpose.

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Amazon Smile Charity Link

Using your charity’s link when shopping on Amazon Smile is essential to reaping the benefits of this program. The greater the number of people who are aware of Amazon Smile and end up making their purchases there, the better! You should suggest that your loyal supporters add your unique link to their bookmarks on Amazon Smile so that your organization will automatically receive a donation whenever they make a qualifying purchase.

Amazon Charity Account

After you create an Amazon Charity Account, the company will always remember your organization’s name and cause. Because the two sites, and Amazon Web Services, are practically identical, you should always shop on However, in order for Amazon to donate to the customer’s preferred charity, they must first be logged into their Smile Amazon account.

Charity List

With Amazon Smile Charity Lists, your supporters can buy what your organization needs and then donate the proceeds. Amazon has a wide variety of products for sale, including groceries, office supplies, clothing, and books. Whatever your organization’s goal, it probably has a shopping list of necessities. Amazon’s Charity Checklist can be a lifesaver when planning vacations or other special occasions. Make a wish list of items you really need and help spread that amongst your supporters on a website called a Charity List.

The items will be delivered right to your business. There are highlighted charities on the Amazon Smile Black Friday Deals that anyone can see. This is a great chance to spread the word and find some new fans.

Spotlight Charity

On their Amazon Smile page, the company features a rotating list of five different charities which are open to any qualified person to submit an application to be highlighted. It won’t take you long at all to complete the application. Although the benefits of being a spotlight charity are difficult to estimate, every penny counts. Amazon Smile is merely a resource, not a complete fundraising strategy.

Fundraising Solution

Donations through Amazon Smile should be viewed as complementary to other forms of promotion and fundraising rather than as a replacement. You shouldn’t expect this to replace your regular fundraising activities. Donations of 0.5 percentage points of purchases can add up, but only if your supporters spend a lot of money.

Good Strategy Amazon Smile Account

You are conceiving yourself to be more altruistic than one actually is a potential drawback of Amazon Smile. A good strategy to counter this misconception is to openly share the actual amount of money you have received from Amazon Smile. Share the percentage of your yearly budget that comes from Amazon Smile sales with your network.

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Donations from Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile donations should be used in addition to, rather than in instead of, other forms of fundraising and establishing connections. Fundraising efforts already in progress will not be abandoned in favour of this one. Donations of 0.5percentage points of purchases can add up, but only if your supporters spend a lot of money.

Using Amazon Smile on Mobile Phone

Using Amazon Smile on your mobile device is simple, and the additional funds from your Amazon purchases go toward river conservation and restoration. Start up your preferred mobile browser and navigate to This is the quickest and easiest option. Moreover, the site can be bookmarked on a mobile device and utilized in the same manner as software. Different sets of guidelines will be used for iPhone and Android apps. CertifiedPedia