Online consumers mostly rely on authentic reviews for virtually every purchase they do online like Amazon for a new coffee maker, fancy Trip Advisor for an upcoming surreal summer vacation to Costa Rica, and lord Google review for finding a suitable handyman. The same also goes for elevenkicks. In this article, we’ll take a deep look at Elevenkicks and see if it’s legit or a scam.

What is ElevenKicks?

ElevenKicks is an online store that offers different types of shoes from different companies. If you really want to collect sports shoes, you can purposefully check out the latest shoes on this website. You can find shoes from different companies and usually many other famous ones around the world, but in addition to all this, we have one question whether ElevenKicks is Legit. The usual price range of these fancy trendy shoes is affordable to the majority of people because the shoes can be purchased at a discounted price with ease.

According to the available information placed on the website, the majority of the time all products related to shoes are properly checked by the shipping company before shipping them to customers, and when you try to order then you can also easily check the latest authentic reviews of the shoes you want to properly order along with the good rating. According to the company, there are shoe categories that make the search even easier, according to Elevenkicks reviews.

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Specifications of Elevenkicks

Domain Registration Date10 Months from Now
Domain URLhttps://www.elevenkicks.com/
Email Addresselevenkicks70@gmail.com
Office No.+8615880309024
Social Media Management on the WebsiteAvailable
External Customer ReviewsNot Available
Return PolicyAvailable
Social Media PresenceNot Much
Payment MethodsVisa Maestro Mastercard Available
Shipping Delivery3-5 days

Testimonials are Meaningful

Review analysis is one of the most effective ways to determine whether a website is legit. Reviews of a website that are kept up on that specific website are seldom ever regarded as trustworthy. To obtain realistic reviews, it is advisable to conduct research outside of that website as well. However, it is more challenging to have faith in a website’s dependability when it lacks reviews.

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Avoid Getting Confused

Unless you are completely certain that an online store is legitimate, it is never a smart idea to register with, make a purchase from, or provide sensitive information to one. Please note that we are not implying Elevenkicks.net is unreliable; rather, this is just another risk that one must unquestionably consider when making a purchase from any e-commerce website.

Elevenkicks Reviews

We looked up this site’s web reviews, but we couldn’t locate anything about it. The aforementioned website has no online reviews. The site appears suspect with a domain age of only eight months and a trust rating of only 5%.

When we look for reviews on the official website, we discover that there are none there either. Since they are not purchasing anything from this site, people are not interested in it. Although Elevenkicks still maintains an Instagram and YouTube page, it seems that the website is not reliable.

Is Elevenkicks.net Not Likely a Scam?

Taking all its reviews into our account and considering all the above facts, then we can openly conclude that this trending site is not trustworthy enough and higher probability that it might seem to be a scam site. With these points in consideration, we may now know that Elevenkick’s website is suspicious and people should avoid such websites to save money.

However, to this, if you really stumble ordering trendy shoes from this website, then you can order them at your own risk as it might be a scam.

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Final Concluding Verdict

By summing up all this, our final verdict openly refrains users to shop from this website as it looks a bit dubious and its authenticity holds lots of questions. When we look for reviews on the official website, we discover that there are none there either. Since they are not purchasing anything from this site, people are not interested in it.