Did Ghostface Killah Get Shot

Knowing what happens next in the series is like the leaves of decaying trees shedding with the change of season. Wu-Tang may be for kids, but the story of the group’s rise to fame is very much for adults. Hulu just aired the definitive second season of ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga.’ Now, after almost two years of patiently preparing for this second season, we finally get to see it.

Bobby Diggs is played by Ashton Sanders and the character is positioned as RZA, the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, whose real name is Robert Fitzgerald Diggs. So far, we’ve seen Bobby go to prison for attempted murder. This fictional character is the leader of the Wu-Tang, whose real name is Robert Fitzgerald Diggs. But the question arises, has this incident happened in reality? Was Ghostface Killah shot? 

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Background Review

Like the first season, Wu-Tang: An American Saga understands the stakes, which is no surprise when you look at the people behind the show. The first three episodes of season 2 introduce a grey area for our main characters in real life; the limbo zone. You only get one life and it shows in the writing. The period they find themselves in, which is associated with drug dealing as an easier route, is combined with the desire to make a real name for themselves. Anxiety seeps into Season 2: crossing the line on either side is milliseconds away.

Little Ghetto Boys- The First Episode

The first episode has the viewer excited as Diggs faces trial for attempted murder in which he shot his close friend D-Love. People are wondering why they put a mysterious story on screen and wonder if RZA faced this incident in real life. We might be surprised to learn that RZA faced trial for eight years after shooting a rival gang member in the leg. However, the incident shown in the story in the first episode where he fights for his girlfriend is different in real life.

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Was Ghostface Killah Shot?

In short, absolutely yes, the shot was in the neck and he was injured. During an incident between RZA and a rival gang member, Diggs’ friend Ghostface Killah was shot in the neck.

The shooting eight years ago when RZA’s friend was injured is true. The incident happened in 1992, which made RZA think it was the end of his life. Hulu’s hit drama series shows how Bobby Diggs was put behind bars. Fortunately, RZA was found not guilty. RZA learned a life lesson from the mess and moved to New York. It was around the same time that Wu-Tang Clan launched an iconic collection. But before he was accused of murder, he also indulged in criminal activity and drug sales.

Later in the show, Diggs faced trial for attempted murder after shooting a rival gang member in the leg in self-defence. However, this was an incident that injured Ghostface Killah, aka Dennis “D-Love” Coles, who was his close friend. The character is played by Siddiq Saunderson in the Hulu drama.

In conclusion, Wu-Tang would never have been released if RZA had been imprisoned or if Method Man had been killed. The story shows how nine rappers committed nice crimes on the streets of America for a living. However, thanks to Did Ghostface Killah Get Shot’s answer, we realized that some of the stories do happen in reality.

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Is it Based on Reality?

To an extent yes, what is depicted in the show also happened in real life and in 1992 RZA faced an eight-year trial but was found not guilty. He then returned to New York where the Wu-Tang Clan was formed and the group released their debut album ‘Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)’ in November 1993.