Did Footballer Gareth Bale Bump into Lana Rhoades' DM?

When she was dating Mike Majlak last year, Gareth Bale may have sneaked into Lana Rhoades’ direct messages. As a guest on the Impulsive podcast with Mike Majlak and Logan Paul, Lana Rhoades was questioned about their relationship and how Mike felt about Lana’s past as a porn performer. At the time, Lana and Majlak were dating.

One of the off-screen crew members inserted a joke about someone getting into Rhoades’ DMs when she and Majlak were dating during the interview. Logan Paul enquired about it as a result of this.

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How does Soccer Player Slide Into Lana Rhoades’ DM?

In a video blog post from February 2020, Mike Majlak said that the well-known football star had accidentally messaged his girlfriend, Lana Rhoades. Lana made a joke, he is leaving you straight for a football guy, and Mike responded:

Oh indeed, a football player with an 80-million-dollar deal sent her a direct message. Their two other pals then inquired, but the couple immediately left the subject without disclosing who it was.

Offscreen, one of the cast members commented that someone had slipped into Rhoades’ DMs while she and Majlak were dating during the interview. Logan Paul asked about it as a result.

The Podcast by Logan Paul is made by Lana

A few months later, the football player DM was brought up once again when Mike and Lana made an appearance on Logan Paul’s Impulsive podcast.

Why did anything become so popular? Because he referenced a player from Australia in his vlog who has over 100 million fans, or for some other reason? stated Logan.

A football player with roughly 43 million followers responded to Mike’s yes. Actually, like those two, they made a bad estimate. Oh, you mean because they were like married or whatever create drama? This one is a single as well, she said.

Rhoades spoke about her life and explained why she ended up in jail when she was younger to podcast listeners. Nobody is aware of Rhoades’ present relationship or the identity of the father of her unborn child.

She shared a video in early October 2021 revealing her growing baby belly and adding the phrase 3 more months.

Rhoades formerly participated in the 3 Girls 1 Kitchen podcast, but she has since started her own, called Empowered, in which she does weekly interviews with “female leaders” from various fields.

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Was it Gareth Bale or Someone Else?

Fans have conjectured for years that Welsh star Gareth Bale, who presently plays for Spanish side Real Madrid, was the footballer that snuck into DM’s.

He had about 43 million followers at the time, and his admirers estimated that his deal was worth almost $80 million. However, there is no evidence to support this and it is merely conjecture.

We still don’t know who the soccer player is that has pounced on Lana’s DMs as of December 2021, but it’s still a huge subject on social media.

What is the Net Worth of Lana Rhoades?

According to Techie + Gamers, Lana Rhodes’ projected net worth as of 2022 is $24 million (£19 million).

In order to capitalize on the Metaverse innovation, Rhoades introduced her own NFT line in January 2022. She received criticism after the initiative failed and began garnering a lot of negative attention online, which prompted her to delete her Twitter account. She was referred to as a “scammer” by the investors from whom she supposedly obtained $1.5 million. Previously, Alexa Adams and Olivia Davis and Rhoades co-hosted the popular podcast 3 Girls 1 Kitchen. In addition, Lana drives a white Lamborghini, one of her several high-end vehicles.