CNN Ratings for the Final Year of the Trump Presidency

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CNN Ratings for the Final Year of the Trump Presidency

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For the final year of the Trump presidency, CNN averaged 1.79 million total viewers during primetime. In the 25-54 demographic, it averaged 522,000 viewers. The ratings were higher than they’ve ever been, but CNN’s reach is still not what many people would call “remarkable.”

Erin Burnett Outfront

New CNN anchor Erin Burnett will be unfazed by the rating game as she takes on the hourlong general news program. Instead, she will translate current events into relevant information for viewers. She will also pay special attention to issues facing women and the Middle East. Burnett hopes that her show will be smart, authentic, and courageous. She wants a wide audience for her show. If you have been thinking about becoming a CNN anchor, this is your chance to get ahead.

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Erin Burnett’s career has taken her to many corners of the globe, including the borders of Mali, Rwanda, Israel, Afghanistan, and the United Arab Emirates. She is a veteran of conflict zones, and her outspoken views have been crucial to CNN’s reporting. She began her career in journalism at CNBC and is currently a contributing writer for CNN’s Moneyline. During the summer of 2018, Erin Burnett was expecting her third child.

Inside Politics with Abby Phillip

CNN’s “Inside Politics with Abby Phillip” features Abigail Daniella Philip as a political correspondent. She previously worked for the Washington Post, ABC News and Politico. Phillip is an expert in presidential politics and has been a contributor to several publications. She has also contributed to a variety of other media outlets. Read on to learn more about the show. We have compiled a list of the most important facts about Inside Politics with Abby Phillip.

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“Inside Politics with Abby Phillip” is a CNN talk show. The show premieres on Jan. 24 at 8 a.m. ET. Phillip has written extensively on presidential politics, including the election of Donald Trump. In this interview, she discusses the most difficult thing she’s done in her career – becoming a mother. And she opens up about her marriage. Abby Phillip’s interview style is one of her greatest strengths, but she’ll definitely need your patience to get through it.

State of the Union with Jake Tapper/Dana Bash

“State of the Union” is a weekly television program focusing on U.S. government affairs. It airs every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET and features political news analysis and interviews. It is often followed by the “Magic Wall” and an interactive touch screen map. Before Candy Crowley left the show, CNN did not have a permanent anchor for the show, so Bash was tapped to fill in. During the interim, Bash’s role as a substitute anchor has been a popular one.

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The show’s new host, Jake Tapper, is known for juggling several duties. His previous duties at ABC included serving as a White House correspondent. In addition to hosting a daily news show, he also co-anchors “America’s Newsroom” with Dana Perino. Nevertheless, CNN has added one hour to Jake Tapper’s daily news show. In addition to that, Tapper will take over Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room, becoming CNN’s lead anchor for all Washington-based events. While the new anchors will share the same time slot, Tapper will keep the Sunday “State of the Union” show. With Bash as his new co-anchor, Tapper will anchor the show two Sundays a month.

Fareed Zakaria GPS

“Fareed Zakaria GPS” is a weekly public affairs show broadcast by CNN International. Fareed Zakaria is a best-selling author and syndicated columnist for The Washington Post. He has also contributed to The Atlantic magazine and is the host of several prime-time specials for CNN Worldwide. Fareed Zakaria GPS features intelligent debates about world events and public affairs and airs live from around the world.

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His guests are a diverse group of people. Some of the guests on this show are foreign policy experts, such as Fawaz Gerges, who wrote “Dignity in a Digital Age,” while others include California congressman Ro Khanna. Fareed also puts the current inflation rate in the U.S. into perspective and thanks former CNN president Jeff Zucker for his support. Fareed also gives his take on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hand in the standoff with the West.

Anderson Cooper 360

CNN ratings for Anderson Cooper 360 can be tricky to determine. While it was an overnight sensation when he covered Hurricane Katrina, his ratings soon began to dip. This was largely due to the lack of a presidential election, heavy competition from rivals and the departure of Lou Dobbs from the anchor chair at 7 p.m. While his coverage of the storm was undoubtedly important, his privileged background left him little room for scepticism.

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While CNN’s top cable news shows were Fox News shows, it was Anderson Cooper 360 that stood out. His show averaged 1.26 million total viewers and 318,000 adults aged 25-54. This beat out the formerly top-rated CNN Tonight/Cuomo Primetime, which is currently vacant. CNN is missing a star from its lineup and is still waiting for a new management team to get the newsroom back on track. New management is expected to be brought in this week, with Chris Licht taking over as president of CNN. Read More

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