Clout Zap

So, you’ve seen all the influencers flaunting their clout zap online earnings on TikTok, and Facebook, or maybe they’ve been bombarded with ads too.

Online Earning Website is the easiest way to make money in today’s digital world, there are many more options of tools and services to give you another way to make money from home. This article will share details to help readers know if Clout zap is a Scam or legit to earn money.

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What is Clout Zap?

Clout zap is an international survey website. It’s free to register/join, and earnings start immediately. Clout Zap is a service website that promises to make money online for users quickly and easily. According to the website, users can make passive cash by playing games, completing missions, and sharing links with their friends and family. Members literally get a few bucks sign-up bonus at Cloutzap.Com. However, that bonus cannot be withdrawn immediately. More winnings will be needed before a withdrawal is possible on the clout zap website.

How does Clout Zap Really Work?

According to the website, users can earn passive money by playing games, completing quests, and sharing links with their friends and family. Many people don’t understand how Clout Zap can be a scam because it’s free. But it’s not really free, you pay with your time and identity. Let’s explain it. Clout Zap doesn’t just let you do random tasks. These are real tasks that the client is actually paying for. But only pennies.

For example, when you click on a mobile game task, you’ll see that it’s an affiliate link. In other words, Clout Zap sends it as a paid referral to the game owner and Clout Zap gets paid for it. But only pennies, not $50+. There are many opportunities for internet marketing. Companies are willing to pay people for clicks, social media posts, game downloads, etc. The only problem is that each click, post, or download costs pennies at best. So, you can’t click by yourself, you would earn next to nothing. But if you can generate a lot of traffic as an affiliate, then you can earn decent money. And that’s what Clout Zap does.

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Specification of Clout Zap

We believe readers should have access to the most important points to keep in mind while using clout zap. Below is the specification information we collect about the site that may be helpful in deciding whether it is legitimate to rate as genuine.

Domain Registration Date9th Oct 2021Red Flag
Domain URL Check
Email Addressinfo@cloutzap.comPositive Check
Trust Rank39.6/100Red Flag
Social Media Management on the WebsiteNot AvailableRed Check
External Customer ReviewsNot AvailableRed Flag
Trust Score1 Per centRed Flag
Social Media PresenceNot AvailableRed Flag

Is Clout Zap a Scam or Legit?

When investigating if Clout Zap is a scam, we get mixed reviews. There are certainly people who claim that Clout Zap has ripped them off their money. Some red flags make people question whether Clout Zap is legit or not. Considering all these factors, we believe that the website is a scam and not legit. However, we encourage our readers to be cautious and do their research before signing up.

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Final Verdict

Overall, we found Clout Zap to be a scam in every way. They make you do various tasks but never pay you anything. Not to mention that Clout Zap gets your personal information. And since they are scammers, they are likely to resell your personal information to other shady companies who will use it for marketing purposes. Clout Zap is not without risk, you will waste your time with it and your personal information can also be misused.