Brooke Langton’s Net Worth

Brooke Langton’s Net Worth

Brooke Langton’s Net Worth

The following article is a quick rundown of Brooke Langton’s net worth. You can read about Her career, relationship with David Chokachi, and notable movies and television roles to get a better idea of Her total wealth. Afterwards, you can find out if She is worth more than $50 million. Also, discover if Brooke Langton is still dating David Chokachi.

Brooke Langton’s Career

The estimated net worth of Brooke Langton is $ 2 million. She has made a name for herself playing the character of Angela Bennett on the television show ‘The Net’. Her career as a model started with supporting roles in movies like Kiss the Bride, Melrose Palace, and The Bachelor. She then went on to play a supporting role in Kiss the Bride in 2002. Her career in film started in 1996 when she landed a role in the drama ‘The Notebook’. Her television career was further boosted by her appearances in movies such as The Bachelor, The Big Bang Theory, and the hit TV series ‘Beverly Hills, 90210.

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She had a number of roles in TV shows and films. Her breakthrough role in Kiss the Bride was considered her most prestigious. Despite her role in the movie, Langton has appeared in numerous other movies, such as “MonaLisa,” “Primeval,” and ‘The Replacements. From 2000 to 2007, Langton gained an estimated $2 million net worth through brand endorsements and sponsorships.

Her Relationship with David Chokachi

It is rumoured that Brooke Langton has been dating David Chokachi for one year. They had been dating for about a year before breaking up in 1998. David went on to marry Susan Brubaker, and Brooke is still unmarried. Earlier this year, she was spotted with her son Zane. The relationship was short-lived, but it is still worth a look for her fans.

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Brooke Langton’s relationship with director David Chokachi is rumoured to have ended after they were caught in a scandal. Chokachi has been in several movies and TV shows, and he makes about $20-$30k per episode. Although they have a long history of relationship problems, they never made their personal lives public. This is probably what attracted many fans to this couple.

Her Movies and Television Roles

After a successful career in modelling, Brooke Langton has now entered the world of acting. Born in Arizona, Langton went on to attend Herscher High School in Illinois, followed by L.D. Bell High School in Texas. She also studied at San Diego State University. Before moving to Hollywood, Langton worked as a model, primarily in Japan. While she faced a lot of challenges in her early career, she eventually found her voice in the acting world.

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Although she is not married and has not publicly dated anyone, she has been romantically linked with a number of celebrities in Hollywood. She started dating David Chokachi in 1997 and also had a brief affair with George Clooney. After that, she continued her acting career, becoming a regular cast member of the short-lived ABC adventure drama series Extreme, starring James Brolin. In the same year, she had a starring role in a made-for-TV movie called Eye of the Stalker.

Her Estimated Net Worth

Actress Brooke Langton is estimated to have a net worth of around $4 million. She was raised in Texas and Illinois. She attended Herscher High School and L.D. Bell High School went on to study Marine Biology at San Diego State University. Before moving to Hollywood, she had a brief career as a model. Her modelling work took her to Japan, where she starred in a television show called “All Trappers Don’t Wear Fur Hats.”

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It’s not known exactly how much money she makes, but she’s believed to be worth around $ 2 million by 2020. Brooke’s annual salary will depend on the number of projects she works on, but it’s thought to be at least $100,000 per year. Other sources claim that Brooke earns an additional $30,000 per episode for her television shows. Whether these sources are accurate or not, Brooke’s net worth is certainly impressive.

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