Brewster wallpaper

When people think about interior decoration or giving their home a makeover, they usually think about buying fancy furniture or getting the flooring done. But rarely do they think about the walls that are the largest space running across the house! There are so many interesting things that can be done to a wall other than just using it as a space for hanging paintings or tapestries. To spruce up your house, we suggest that you consider wallpapering the house instead of giving the walls a coat of paint. A vibrant wallpaper is an attractive piece of art and brings charm to the place.

Different rooms in the house can have different themes and accordingly, the wallpapers can be chosen. The biggest advantage wallpapers have over paints is that you can change wallpaper at any time without investing too much money or time. But when it comes to removing the paint and applying a newer coat, it takes much planning and time.

There are a lot of different kinds of wallpaper available in the market such as Korean wallpaper, Chinese Wallpaper, American Brewster wallpaper, and many more. Each type has its features, serves a different purpose, and appeals to users with different kinds of needs. Let us have a look at the advantages wallpapers have to offer.

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  1. Beautiful and diverse options: Wallpapers have more diverse options to offer than paints and tiles. A children’s room can have wallpapers that are more playful and colourful and a library can have wallpaper that can be classic in design. You can also choose wallpapers to complement the furniture and the house space.
  2. User-friendly: paints are made using chemicals and there has always been a debate on using them for kids’ and old people’s rooms. But wallpapers are extremely safe and non-toxic. The brewster wallpaper is easy to clean and stains come right of it if you use a wet mop to clean it.
  3. Durable: With wallpapers, you can say goodbye to the worry of seeping, peeling, or discolouration. If applied properly, wallpaper can last up to a decade! But if you are using paints on the wall, then you have to apply a fresh coat on it after every 3 to 5 years.
  4. Affordable: It doesn’t matter if you are going with a gorgeous marble-printed Grey peel and stick wallpaper or a flowery glue base one, all kinds of wallpaper are pocket friendly and affordable. While painting involves tool costs and hiring a professional worker to do that for you, the best part about using wallpapers is that you can do it by yourself!
  5. Quick application: it takes around a week to ten days to paint the entire house, but it takes only a couple of days to wallpaper the house. The secret lies in the ease of use and application. You do not have to cover the furniture or move it around to prevent it from getting stained as usually is the case when paints are applied on the wall. Wallpaper installation is a super convenient job that requires just a few tools that can be easily purchased from the market.

If you are convinced that your house requires wallpapers instead of a paint job then let us share a bit more about 5 different types of wallpapers you can use to make your room look beautiful.

  1. Renaissance Wallpaper for Bedroom: If you want to add a dewy aesthetic to your room, we suggest you go with wallpapers inspired by the renaissance. The detailed designs and patterns will not only light up your room but will also give you a sense of being in Paris. With such an intrinsically designed wallpaper you would have to keep the decoration of the room to a minimum as the design of the wallpaper will be the centre of attraction.
  2. Vintage Wallpaper designs: if you want to keep the space in your room spruced up yet subtle, we suggest you go with a vintage design. The lightness and charm will add the right amount of warmth and keep the room looking spacious at the same time. Vintage wallpaper design goes with all kinds of décor and furniture so you can keep on changing and evolving the décor over the period as per your liking and mood.
  3. Tropical wallpaper designs: if there is one thing that wallpapers allow is to take you back in the era you were not even born in. By using wallpaper of royal pastels and ornate designs you can give your room a quaint English look. With light furniture, the texture of tropical plants and flowers will add an intricate look to the room.
  4. Animal print wallpaper: This recommendation is for the daring and adventurous individual who likes to add a touch of diversity and glamour to their room. You can choose from zebra, leopard, tiger, and even snake prints!
  5. Boho Chic Wallpaper Design: This iconic style is our absolute favourite. Unconventional, underrated, stylish, free-spirited, and easy to understand – boho chic wallpaper will make the colours in your room stick out.

Now, that you have your dose of inspiration, go ahead, take on a home beautification project and give your space a brand new identity using a gorgeous floral Brewster wallpaper or a peppy colourful one for your kid’s room. CertifiedPedia