Auto Ignition Gas Stove Disadvantages

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Auto Ignition Gas Stove Disadvantages

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As preferences for modern cooking technology grow, so does the need for stylish, attractive, versatile kitchen appliances. One of these predominant staples of kitchen technology is the gas stove with automatic ignition.

What is an Auto Ignition Gas Stove?

Auto Ignition Gas Stove use a spark igniter to automatically ignite the burners. So, for operation, just turn the knob and the gas supply will be followed by a spark that will light the burner. Gas stoves can have three types of ignition modes, electric ignition, piezoelectric ignition and battery ignition.

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Disadvantages of an Auto Ignition Gas Stove

With the growing preference for modular kitchens, many people are wondering whether they should buy a gas stove with automatic ignition or not. There are many advantages to this gas stove, but a gas stove with automatic ignition can also have disadvantages. This article examines the disadvantages of a gas stove with automatic ignition:

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  • Usually too Expensive

A significant disadvantage of a self-ignition gas stove is that it is more expensive than conventional gas stoves. Built-in self-ignition gas stoves in a higher price range than battery systems. It also has many added features that are not found in regular stoves. So, its value is slightly higher than others. In case it is broken, the cost of repairing or replacing the glass effectively is also very high.

  • May Require Regular Maintenance

Most self-ignition gas stoves require regular routine maintenance, such as changing the batteries or cleaning the entire unit effectively. Maintenance costs are higher for built-in self-ignition gas stoves. In addition, it requires proper time to inspect and overhaul the stove.

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  • Tedious & Lengthy Installation

This can be a bit annoying every time it happens. As we all know well that a gas cylinder weighs approximately 15.3 kg when empty and 29.5 kg when filled with LPG gas. Furthermore, it is hard work to replace the cylinders when one is worn out. Correct installation of the pipe and knob is necessary as incorrect installation can lead to gas leaks and cause things to get out of control. It can be tiring and stressful at times.

  • Requires Electricity – A Problem During a Power Outage

An automatic gas stove ignition requires electricity to effectively ignite the gas in the stove. however, it can be problematic in some cases when there is a power outage or other electrical problem. Some automatic gas stove ignitions are also battery powered which could work properly. However, they need to be updated more often than their electrical equivalent to function effectively during a power outage.

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  • Air Quality Requires a Proper Ventilation System

Due to combustion by-products from the burners, an exhaust fan and ventilation system must be installed. Exhaust gases should be vented directly outside and vents should be located so that fumes do not flow back into the house. The exhaust system includes an electric fan; although the stove can operate without power, the fan cannot. Gas stoves should not be used without adequate ventilation.

  • Requires Regular Cleaning

Gas stoves use wire racks to hold pots and pans over the burners. Spilt food collects on the grates and falls into the area near the burners. Grease traps under the burners should be removed regularly for cleaning. Maintaining burners and grates is a lot of work compared to the easy cleaning of a modern electric gas with a smooth surface. Hoods also trap grease and smoke residue and require regular maintenance.

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  • Contains a Potentially Serious Risk too

Gas stoves are a potentially serious hazard if not properly installed or maintained. Although many have excellent safety features, faulty stoves can release explosive fumes that are also toxic to the breath. If the filters in the ventilation systems are not changed or cleaned as needed, the air quality in the home will decrease. Read More

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