afk arena temple of time

Make your way to Hyrule Castle to start a cutscene. The Ocarina of Time is thrown into the river next to the drawbridge as Zelda and Impa flee the castle on horseback. After a brief exchange, Ganondorf comes and pursues Zelda. Find the Ocarina of Time that Zelda flung into the ditch. The Song of Time will also be taught to you. 

You may visit the Temple of Time and get Master Sword now that you have the Ocarina of Time and the three Spirit Stones. But you need first complete a few more tasks.

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The Order of the Sun has a group known as Halcyon Quicksand that is skilled in time magic. The mages of Halcyon Quicksand may penetrate the flowing river of history with a mastery of time magic and use special beacons to find the time periods in which the heroes lived and revive those heroes so that their glory might return to the present.

  • To summon Awakened Heroes, Emblems, Legendary Gear, and more, utilize Time Emblems.
  • Diamonds may also be awarded as a result of summons.
  • The awakened hero the player has selected is linked with the hero of the reward pool.
  • A player who possesses an Ascended Awakened Hero may summon that Awakened Hero using Stargazing Cards on the Stargazer.

Game of AFK Arena

A gaming app for iOS and Android is called AFK Arena. It was developed by Lilith Games, and the most recent version is 1.68.01. The most recent revision was made available on July 26, 2021. The popularity of the app has substantially increased. Another name for AFK Arena is a role-playing game that is so easy to become hooked on right away. The RPG modes of Afk Arena Temple of Time use clickers, making it a laggard in the game world.

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A Little Commitment is Required from Players

You may play the game while resting in bed, on the bus, or at the gym. Each moment you are not engaging in real-time action, the forces you have assembled are engaged in combat. The acronym “AFK” stands for “Away from Keyboard,” which is exciting. Users still have something fun to play for a while even if they don’t play the game all the time, thanks to the creators.

Rating, Review, and Criticism for Afk Arena Temple of Time

Many player websites have given this game rating. And, to be quite honest, a lot of them rated the game 5 stars. In general, more than 95% of users who have played it once like it. The game doesn’t only run at random; it also has a plot. The truth is that users advance according to how they organize their units rather than how much time they spend in front of a screen. Even though Afk Arena Temple of Time has certain paid features, players who don’t wish to participate may still play and have fun with the game.

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AFK Arena’s Temple of Time

A Flame Reborn, The Foreboding Disaster, and The Temple of Time have been included with improved in-game enhancements. Awakened Heroes may be called upon via the Temple of Time. Awakened Heroes may be summoned using Stargazing cards if the player possesses one of them. Every day, the timestamp may be modified.


Users will soon be able to experience the Temple of Time thanks to the game’s latest enhancements. Time emblems have been introduced, and although they can still be free, it’s also possible to buy them on the Yuexi package market. The rating of Afk Arena Temple of Time is good and will rise as more people start to enjoy and get addicted to the new improvements.