Advantages of Direct Hair Implantation 

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Are you sick of your hair thinning as you age? Are you also sick of not knowing the many options available to you to cure this problem? Fear not, for there are tens of hundreds of options for you to treat a balding head. Thankfully, this is a problem that has existed for ages and thus, various solutions to it have also been presented over the years. 

Before, there were hardly any options to get a hair transplant. However, now, there are several options to treat this problem, which are:

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation

In this, a strip of hair follicles is taken and implanted onto a balding area, after separating it into individual hair follicles. 

  • Direct Hair Implantation

This is a more advanced version of both the above procedures. In this, no cuts are made. Instead, a small device called Choi is used to implant hair from one location to another without any pain.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction

This is very similar to follicular unit transplantation. However, the difference is that, in this, a strip of skin is taken rather than a strip of hair follicles. 

Although all these options are equally entertained, any reliable hair transplantation clinic will be able to tell you that direct hair implantation is a much better option than any other option. This is not only because there are no cuts or incisions made in this method but it is also proven to display the best results. Let us look at some of the best advantages of direct hair transplantation. 

Advantages of direct hair transplantation 

There are numerous reasons why people with a hair thinning problem opt for direct hair transplantation rather than any other option. mainly people suffering from pattern baldness, severe hair loss or a receding hairline will choose to get a hair transplant. 

Another thing to note is that there are bad and good candidates for a hair transplant as well. Good candidates are usually those whose skin colour is not so different from the colour of their hair and those who have thicker hair. This is because people with these conditions will ideally receive the best results.

On the other hand, bad candidates are those who have unrealistic expectations from the process and are under the age of 25. This is because people younger than 25 usually do not show a clear pattern of hair loss and growth, which is why hair transplants are not recommended for them. 

If you have now established that you are an ideal candidate for this procedure, let us look at some of the many benefits that you can potentially avail of. 

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  • If you have ever been to a doctor when you first started noticing signs of hair loss or hair thinning, you know that doctors do recommend certain medicines and ointments that they expect will cure the problem. Although these medicines do work, they only offer temporary relief. Direct hair transplantation by a reputed hair transplantation clinic is a much better option because it offers a permanent solution to the problem. Since hair is taken out from a spot on the back of your head and implanted in a balding agent, the results are expected to stay around for a much longer time.
  • If you are someone who is looking to get such a procedure, you have probably been embarrassed by your balding situation and the poor health of your hair before. This is a common issue faced by many. Not only does this problem get you mocked, but it also negatively impacts your confidence since your hair is a huge part of your physical appearance. Since hair implantation naturally fixes a receding hairline, you can greatly expect your confidence to go up and your social performance to improve. 
  • Another great feature of this procedure is that it does not require much maintenance. It only requires a minimal amount of maintenance. This procedure offers a long-term and permanent solution to your problem. Moreover, any special shampoo or other products are not required to take care of and maintain the results. 
  • This option is also more cost-effective and economical than other options. Although all hair restoration techniques tend to be a tad bit expensive, this one is relatively cheaper and offers equally good, if not better, results. Also, there are no further costs to be borne after the surgery is performed and any necessary medications are issued. Given that it is a permanent solution and not a temporary one, the cost is worth bearing. 
  • Yet another excellent benefit of this method of hair restoration is how natural the outcome looks. The last thing we want after fixing a balding head is to make the remedial look appear artificial and unoriginal. This is why direct hair implantation is a great option to get a natural-looking solution in a quick, efficient and pocket-friendly manner.


Unfortunately, hair loss and balding are problems the best of us have to deal with. However, there are several efficient methods of hair restoration available to choose from these days. One such great choice is direct hair implantation. With the myriad of benefits, it has to offer, you are sure to be satisfied with your results! CertifiedPedia