Stop Call of Duty Software Cheat Codes

Activision is suing EngineOwning to shut it down and hold individual programmers and developers responsible for damages. The publisher of the famous Call of Duty video game series, Activision, has taken the extreme step of suing the popular EngineOwning website in an effort to ban rogue software (EO).

Players looking for an edge can purchase software tools developed and sold by EO. Aimbots, throwing bots, and a feature the court refers to as ESP and 2D/3D radar that allows players to see opposing players through barriers are examples of EO cheats for Call of Duty. Aimbots automatically train the marksman’s weapon on the opponent.

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Why do Activision file lawsuit against?

With a special emphasis on the wildly popular free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone, Activision has lately made a significant effort to combat cheaters in its Call of Duty titles. In December, the firm introduced its new Ricochet anti-cheat technology in Warzone on a global scale. Shortly after, the company said the new system had helped them ban 48,000 fake accounts. Activision claims in the complaint that it has managed to locate and block hundreds of thousands of accounts that have been using cheating software in COD games over the past year. Most likely, this refers to 2021.

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What were the causes behind the lawsuit?

There were many reasons behind the lawsuit filed by the activist. The main reason was the call of duty cheat code. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Vanguard, and Call of Duty: Black Ops are just a few of the Call of Duty titles for which EngineOwning provides hacks. Additionally, it promotes spoofing software that gets around prohibitions and cheats for games like Halo Infinite, Titanfall 2, and Star Wars Battlefront 2. The cost of a subscription to access the program varies, starting at roughly $5 for three days and going up to about $45 for 90 days.

Aim and launch bots, which improve aim and speed up shots, as well as a radar that lets users see past barriers, are all available to gamers who acquire this subscription. The packs also include vulnerabilities, according to Activision, intended to prevent detection by anti-cheat software, as well as the ability to mask cheats from video recording software. However, the complaint claims that the website informs users that they risk being banned for obvious wrongdoing. This whole situation leads Activision to file a lawsuit.

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Lawsuit Analysis

The lawsuit asserts that the cheating software enables users to alter COD games for their own personal gain, including by automatically aiming weapons, disclosing opponents’ locations, and enabling users to view details that are not typically available to players because doing so would give them an unfair advantage in the game. The business asserts that it thinks the defendants blatantly ignored the fact that their actions violated Activision’s rights even though they were fully aware of it. Activision claims to have made many attempts to contact Valentin Rick, the developer of EngineOwning, due to the company’s closure in recent years.

According to a discussion on the EO forums, the site was relaunched under new management in late 2018. Rick reportedly informed Activision that he sold the site to a new owner. However, Activision claims that Rick never produced evidence that such a transaction had actually occurred, and the company is of the opinion that Rick is still in charge of managing and running EO and the EO website. EngineOwning representatives have not yet responded to the query.

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Probable Outcome Judgement

The conclusion of the lawsuit will likely include EngineOwning paying heavy fines. A decision will probably be made later. Activision alleges that the defendants used circumvention tools, violated the game’s terms of service, and infringed on third-party intellectual property. The corporation is allegedly seeking the maximum number of damages, as well as legal costs. CertifiedPedia