Hoang Kim Industrial Joint Stock Company

Hoang Kim Industrial Joint Stock Company is one of the prestigious units operating in the field of supplying industrial materials and equipment. The products we provide are imported directly from abroad or from manufacturing companies, without intermediaries, so we always ensure quality as well as the most competitive prices in the market.

Featured Products We Offer

Steel core soft plastic pipe
  • Domestic and imported rubber hoses: High-temperature pressure-resistant canvas rubber hose (ống cao su bố vải), sand-absorbing steel core rubber hose (ống cao su lõi thép), explosion-proof rubber hose, grouting rubber. See more Do you know why chainsaws were invented?
Domestic and imported rubber hoses
  • Dust collector: Plastic pipe dust collector, steel core dust collector, copper core vacuum cleaner …
  • Ventilation duct: Fabric soft air duct, aluminum soft tube, high-temperature resistant silicone tube
  • Construction wire mesh: Welded wire mesh, diamond stretch mesh, fence mesh, B40 mesh…

Benefits of customers when coming to Công Nghiệp Hoàng Kim:

1. Quick, enthusiastic, the cost-optimized quotation consultation

2. Quality products, competitive prices, support nationwide delivery

3. Provide all documents (invoices, certificates, certificates, receipts and payments…) when ordering.

4. Support exchanging goods if the size is wrong, and return the goods if there is a defect from the manufacturer.

With a reasonable price, Hoang Kim believes that any customer who comes to us will be satisfied. The dedication in each stage will be the foundation for us to develop and gain the trust of our customers. CertifiedPedia