Power BI

You want versatile, adaptive software and data solutions that can meet your company’s evolving needs if you want it to succeed. By supplying teams with cutting-edge business intelligence and data visualization tools, plus+ uses Microsoft Power BI to assist customers in creating a culture that values data.

Power BI provides a variety of methods for turning data into knowledge. We reveal some of our favourite methods for doing precisely that in this post.

Here are our top reasons for using Power BI and the many reasons why our customers like it.

i) Simple to Begin

You can rapidly transform raw data into insights with an easy setup and integrated dashboards for services like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and more. Through built-in connections, the Power BI platform makes it possible to access data from a variety of cloud sources, including Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Analytics, among others. The combined data may then be examined from a single detailed report. Additionally, you get access to pre-made Power BI dashboards that can be altered to suit your company’s requirements. A drag-and-drop interface on this useful platform eliminates the laborious process of copying and pasting.

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ii) Create and Distribute Messages Quickly

Sick of manually updating huge files on a shared disk and emailing them? You can quickly upload fresh reports to Power BI using this tool. The reports are automatically refreshed each time the underlying datasets that power them are updated.

iii) Current Statistics

You no longer need to wait and stress over outdated and incorrect report data. When linked data is transmitted or streamed to Power BI, dashboards and other reporting tools refresh in real-time. As a result, you may base choices on the most recent data and let it circulate through dashboards and other apps. Microsoft Power BI takes itself to have a user interface that is very easy to use, especially for individuals without any programming experience. Power BI facilitates a smooth user experience by guiding you through the process and integrating Excel, Q&A capabilities, and built-in intelligence.

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iv) Integrate and Merge Several Data Sources

You can bring all the data you want for managing your company with Power BI. In addition to employee satisfaction surveys and operational indicators, other sources of streaming data include CRM, customer service, field services, and more. You will be able to link a broad variety of data types from several sources, both within and outside the company. The Analyse in Excel option offers you access to an Excel-like user interface, making it considerably more comfortable for new users who are already acquainted with Excel. They will also have the advantage of being able to use Power Query and notice patterns in Power BI rapidly.

v) Use ML and AI to Increase the Value of Business Intelligence

Businesses may ask questions to obtain answers to their most crucial queries thanks to tools like Quick Insights, which helps identify data patterns. Users of Power BI may use picture and text recognition, create machine learning models, and interface with Azure Machine Learning to boost the value of their analysis with strong ML/AI capabilities.

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vi) Customized Images

Standard Power BI data visualizations may be dynamically enhanced with elements including columns, lines, matrices, pie charts, and tables, all of which can be adjusted for particular business graphics. Along with the conventional features of the package, Power BI provides you with a selection of bespoke graphics that include dynamic elements like decision trees, heat maps, and correlation charts. You may express the narrative of your firm in a distinctive manner by using personalized photos.

vii) Improved Data Fusion

The Power BI platform gives you access to data from a variety of cloud sources, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Analytics, among others, using built-in connections. A single comprehensive report may then be used to assess the combined data. You also get access to pre-built Power BI dashboards that can be altered to suit the needs of your business. A drag-and-drop interface is another feature of this helpful platform that eliminates the need for time-consuming copy-and-paste processes.